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1 year ago

Bradley Jayawardena was awful with communication explaining the steps in a very confusing & unclear way and sometimes refusing to give information. The go to response when trying to get through is that Bradley is "in a meeting" or "in training".

The only saving grace was speaking with Stuart Tite, who managed to relieve stress somewhat, but then disappointingly it was handed back to Bradley which again went down hill.

Advice for anyone thinking of using Connect2Law, spend the extra money & pay to have a less stressful experience.


2 years ago

Stuart did everything he can to help us, but since the case was passed over to our solicitor, things have gone downhill, rapidly.

They have only today figured out how to proceed with a missing land registry document, some one month after I raised it.

The solicitors from the other side have chased ours at C2L, five times over the past two weeks, and not heard anything back.
We have chased seven times over the past month and only heard back today.

Someone (our buyer) is now homeless as a result of the amount of time spent dragging their heels.
I escalated my complaint on Friday last week and spoke with an operations manager. I was promised an email update yesterday. That never materialised.

I am now today asking both estate agents to create a log of all the things that have gone wrong, from start, to where we are now.
I have four pages of detailed notes explaining where I think this train came off the track.
If I do not have an update at promised again by this thursday, I will have no choice but to escalate this to the legal ombudsman.

I cannot continue to feel ignored and neglected by the company who we are paying a lot of money to.


2 years ago

Stephanie Hodgson took over my conveyancing last November, a couple of weeks before my first buyer withdrew because it had all taken too long (since July). From what the estate agent said, I do believe that was the fault of Connect2Law. For example, they requested the Leasehold Management Pack from the management company weeks after I supposed they had already done so.
After Stephanie took over I felt in steadier, more competent hands, but all the way through I found communication difficult. (The 'portal' mentioned in other reviews is news to me, and nobody every directed me towards it.) I was frequently urged by the agent to get updates to satisfy impatient buyers.
Stephanie coped professionally under provocation from the difficult layers of my second buyer who denied receiving her emails. With the third buyer communication became easier and I felt more support. Stephanie sent copies of emails clarifying what the hiccups were and the efforts being made to overcome them. Had this been done from the beginning the whole process would have been far less stressful.

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