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Website & Phone: 1055 West 7th Street Los Angeles 90017 United States

2 years ago

Connect4 – Business and Investor Services has really been a true blessing in my family's life. We had been struggling for months to find funding for our current business and our new startup. We have met so many scammers and even paid one group and upfront fee of $3000. So you can imagine once I got a call from Dana, who is the Owner of Connect4 – Business and Investor Services,I really didn't want to hear anything. Even though I was very mean she remained kind. She explained that it's common for people to charge upfront fees, but it should always go into escrow so you can get your money back. Then I explained what i was looking for and she matched us with several programs, but my husband and I ended up picking 2. Jesus we just started working with her about a month ago. I submitted an application for the startup funding program which was short and ask for your password to my credit check total profile which made me so leery and received $80,000 in less than 3 weeks. No issues and her partners are extremely friendly and helpful. I was automatically set on monthly payments, which was way better for me than daily payments. We also decided to do her Business Matchmaking Program and I tell you she never sleeps. I sent out an email before I went to bed. She responded around 3am something. I was like my God she really works around the clock. We are set up to speak with our first Investor July 15. She's also going to be pitching our Venture at an Event a few days before that. I mean this has really changed my view that all people are bad. With a baby on the way I was so stressed out. And the $250 fee was just a flag that I thought she was taking advantage of us, but she really puts in the work, that I just don't have time to do. You can trust this business 100%. Very honest and transparent.

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