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9 months ago

Connect your care seems completely unable to provide service. They have agreed that my claim should be paid, but the best they have been able to do is to clear up a mistake on their part, and stop billing me for the claim. They are unable to return phone call, regardless of how much they have committed to call. When you call, the poor phone answerer will "write a ticket" and even "expedite" it, but apparently the issue cannot be resolved. You cannot submit an email, so there can be no paper trail – just repeated phone calls. They have my money, and they have no interest in paying me the money they owe me. I do not believe I will ever be able to access the money in my health savings account.


2 years ago

I joined Connecticare with a monthly premium of 684.74 monthly and a 6500$ deductable. I'm self employed.
The first year after my annual they sent me a bill for 380$. When I called to complain, the bill was reduced to 60$. They made a mistake!
Then I continued to get lab bills and radiology bill for a screening mammogram. I had to fight that too. So this year I called to make sure my mammogram was covered and inquired about breast ultasound coverage. So ultrasound not covered this year but will be next year. So went for my regular mammogram and received a bill
would only cover a 2D mammogram not a 3D. Think they would have mentioned it. Unless your getting a supplement for Insurance
move on. Call an independent agent NOT!!! through acsess health.
I switched to Cigna with a monthly premium of 567$ with a 2500 deductible with a percentage of dental, prescriptions and eyeglass
coverage. Less money with more benefits and lower deductible.
The only people that should join either company in access ct health{ctcare or anthem}
are people with govt subsidies. If you make more than 75,000/year
don't do it. They overcharge every one else to make sure they're not losing but making money. Remember there a business and there job is to make profit. They lead people to believe you have no other choice….You DO


2 years ago

Absolutely worthless company. 90% of the doctors they have listed are not taking new patients, so I gave up and called them to get help like their emails say to do. I got this EXTREMELY bored sounding woman that was absolutely no help at all. She said all she can do is send me to a free health clinic unless I know a doctor that will take this junk insurance. I have chronic health conditions, a free clinic is not going to cut it & they have been absolutely ZERO help in finding an actual doctor. From her tone of voice, she absolutely could not care less about her job. I have never heard anyone sound so disinterested outside of a Walmart employee. The doctors they have listed on their site don't even have the correct city listed. They have them all as "Hot Springs" and yet this is "Hot Springs Village" they are completely different cities over an hour apart!


2 years ago

They cashed a check of mine for repayment for a non-qualified expense in October, 2017. I had to spend hours over 3+ months with their various customer service people to get them to research internally to find where the funds from my check they cashed were recorded. They repeatedly said they did not have the check while Chase showed that they did. The burden was entirely on me to drive this process as my HSA showed that I had not repaid the expense. At no point did anyone there apologize for what they had put me through once they finally figured out their internal error.


4 years ago

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