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1 year ago

I attend this trade show regularly and have done for many years but this year there seems to be a well designed "con"to invite attendees to an event normally with a presentation and or reception and food/drinks . You register and get a confirmation but then followed days later by a further correspondence saying that they are FULL! Its a technology show showing the latest in every type of technology related to communications ( plus broadcasting and the like) so it takes them 2/3 days to count up the number of applicants manually?! The show starts next week and I have had two such invitations and following rejections which is very inconvenient as of course I have moved other meetings to accommodate these events that are held off-site meaning that travel time has to be allowed for. I wont name the Companies concerned it is not necessarily a reflection on them nor their products BUT the organizers need to sit on this very quickly as it is the first time i have seen it happen at any trade show and a bad reflection on Singapore for allowing it to happen.

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