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Website & Phone: South Sepulveda Boulevard 3415 Los Angeles 90034 United States

6 months ago

My child asked a moderator for help and his or her response was "I want to help you as much as I'd like to lick a rock." — wow! that's emotionally abusive! My son is 8 and was so sad and terrified, he deleted the server and never wants to go back to there.


1 year ago

Simply put, I felt my child was being groomed by someone claiming to be a child on the free Kids Club server. They use TeamSpeak, which has no chat monitoring at all, so kids can say whatever they want and it not be monitored by the moderators.
The sign-up process is easy; ANYONE can sign up claiming to be registering their child. There's no checking to see if anyone is who they say they are. The same goes for some of their volunteer moderators. The application is a short questionnaire with no background checks.


2 years ago

Great minecraft programs for kids!

I did the free kids club for ages before doing a camp and eventually becoming a volunteer! Would recommend to anyone needing a safe server for their kids!

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