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5 years ago

August, 2015 we lost our health, dental, and vision insurance when my husband had to take a medical retirement due to many health issues. Alabama is one of 22 states that did not expand on Medicaid coverage. That means that we fall in the "gap" because we can't afford health insurance but we make too much to receive Medicaid benefits. While looking online for options, we found AmeriPlan. In our first month, we have already saved well over $500!
Christina J….Ariton, AL


5 years ago

My son was involved in a bicycle accident a couple years ago. Besides breaking his arm in two places, he had extensive damage to his teeth. He had to get three crowns and two root canals to the teeth that were were damaged. Having AmeriPlan Dental helped us save over $2,000.
Bill S. Everett Wa

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