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7 years ago

connecting singles com infected with SCAMMERS

I got into this because it's a free internet dating website which you also meet friends. BAD Idea! If you are lonely or just want to have friends do not go to website that you don't see the people. Video camera chatting sites are better so you can see the person face to face and you can tell if a person is sincere or scamming your heart away.

Scammers email: [email聽protected]

His picture is in military uniform, about 59 to 65 years old. He claimed he is 59.

If you meet this person who pretend to be almost a retired General in the army, oh my goodness do not even say hello back. He got great stories to tell too. I got emails to prove it! My greatest regret that I didn't read all the warnings about the dating scams. I just realized something is off with his emails. Then I start reading the scam warnings and boom! I am being scammed! I sent pictures of me and my family, that's my greatest worry if he uses it for his scamming as well. I read some of these scammers are doing it like a team, a girl can scam a man and give all the conversation and pictures to her men team scammers to scam women. OMG! I hope I don't see my pictures online scamming men! This is horrible. Please if you are lonely and need a friend DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT go to this connecting or any online dating sites that you don't chat with video camera, you'll be sorry the minute you do your profile.

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