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3 months ago

If you are looking for a real relationship, avoid this site. It is filled with lazy, low-effort people who send out the same generic text to as many people as possible and try to hook up with you in whatever way they can – virtually or in real life. Total waste of time for a serious person.


5 months ago

If the mods interacted more with the members it would give the members a feeling of protection instead of this cold shoulder approach currently being applied. Also there is no real establishing if the member is where they say they are. Too many multiple profiles by certain members trolling.
Otherwise a great site with heaps of potential if managed correctly.


7 months ago

women in there, if they're even real are ugly as sin. site is scammer, phishing & virus ridden and also slam packed with right wing conservative looney tune trumpies. do yourself a favor and steer clear of it.


9 months ago

Toxic and bitter community! I wonder how could CS gather so many angry, self-righteous and impudent women at one place? I quickly realized that I had nothing to do there and went on. I signed up for
and I met plenty of women beautiful inside and out. I have never encountered any rudeness, insult or humiliation there, everyone's tactful and sociable. So my recommendation is: don't waste your time for a trashy site like Connectingsingles, there are plenty of gorgeous women on this planet!


9 months ago

Toxic and bitter community! Women are so sweet on
-sweet, kind and real. So I stayed there. I wonder how could CS gather so many angry, self-righteous and impudent women at one place? I quickly realized that I had nothing to do there and went on. Connectingsingles is all about trolls, rudeness, insult and humiliation there, you can hardly meet anyone tactful and sociable. So my recommendation is: don't waste your time for a trashy site like Connectingsingles, there are plenty of gorgeous women on this planet!


11 months ago

When you remove your profile from there later on they put it back up to make it look like they have plenty of members. There is no screening and matching. I left it couple of months ago because I found the site that really works:
I met the girl of my dreams and now we are together. It was the happiest moment in my life when I met her face to face!
I'm so happy that I'm done with wasting time on Connectingsingles! I wish everyone good luck and don't become victims of con companies!


1 year ago

Well it IS a free dating site, but a lot of scammer grammar tells me this site has a lot of fakes running around on it.


1 year ago

Worst website of it's kind. Rumor has it, Chelsea Clinton owns of piece of it… shows. Mostly old men and women in retirement, no young members at all. What's worse, the moderators or management is also old liberals.
It's not a dating site and the format is horrible for the other categories. I tried blogging but the average mentality is brain dead. Skip the site, nothing to be offered there.


1 year ago

AWFUL SITE!!! FULL OF SCAMMERS AND OLD BITTER MEN, WHO REPORT YOU IF YOU REJECT THEM. One of them calls himself Vivi from the Netherlands.


1 year ago

99% on this dating site are scammers Very bad site !!! I used it for 10 years, and never met a real man !!! Almost all men live in Africa and have a fake profile !!! Do not waste your time on this.


1 year ago

Reported several scammers (with proof!) but they don't do anything about it. Days later they are still online.

They give them opportunity to scam and fraud. They don't care at all.


1 year ago

I have been scammed by this guy supposed to be called Simon Foster and was working in Sweden as a contractor for BP in a 6 months project.

After nearly 3 months of being the most romantic man ever, he came up with money issues, asking for thousands to finish the project so he could come to my town and live here.

He said is a widow, only child and no kids, his wife died of cancer a few years ago.

He has stolen the profile of a man called Hector Duenas, from Miami and Pastor in a christian comunity.

Thank God I didn麓t send him any money, I caught him and I sent all the pictures he stole from the other man and he got schocked.



1 year ago

Very stupid site, they allow hundreds of scammers' profiles, but they control how many people you can chat with and what you can talk about! Ridiculous! Do they really read your chat messages? Yes, they do! They cut me off when we talked about sex! Come on, we are not nuns! I chose another site
because I want to be free in what I talk about and whom I talk to, and they have so many stunning and sexy ladies! I never insist on such kinds of chats, but if they lady is also in the mood for it, why not? Plus I can see her on video, I see her reaction and emotions and it makes it quite spicy.
if you don't want to be controlled like a 4-year old child, don't engage with Connectingsingles!


1 year ago

I was a Connecting Singles member for about a month and I was treated horribly by staff. The problem being that the general chat forums feature a number of topics, including politics and their forums seems to be overrun by Republican/Trump supporters. However, anyone that doesn't subscribe to the racism, misogyny, weird/crazy conspiracy theories and xenophobia frequently posted by members, and/or if you dare to hold points of view that don't exactly reflect the general sentiments from the majority of their chat forum frequent posters, gets bullied, harassed, attacked and targeted. Then as if that isn't bad enough, Connecting Singles staff seems complicit in siding with those very same awful people… as they tend to gang up and complain to staff when anyone posts anything they don't agree with. I was banned a month ago and every attempt to reach out to admin and staff to find out the reason for their actions, and/or for any proof I did anything wrong, was met with TOTAL silence. Not ONE single reply.. and I've reached out to them ath least six times. All that while the people (Trump supporters) who were responsible for the campaign against me were allowed to continue on the site without any repercussions. It's completely disgusting what's happening on that site. They should be disallowed from even being able to run that site as a free and open dating site at this point. It is not. Staff has clearly aligned itself with a "certain type" of member. That site should definitely be looked into. Add that to the fact that the site is infested with scammers and fake accounts and the site begins to look even less appealing, if that was at all possible. Avoid that site at all cost.


1 year ago

This dating site is 100% legitimate. Unlike Mingle2, where it comprises mostly with scam artists, ConnectingSingles members are all real. The only drawback is, there are not many candidates within my city, which has a population of over 5M. The ones that are within 100 mile radius are mostly checked out months ago. In fact, that is one feature on ConnectingSingles that you don't find in other sites….the last time they logged on the site. CS is not as popular as Okcupid or POF. However, I still recommend you create an account just to see if you might potentially find your mate. I spoke with a couple girls, not from the States, but like I said, it at least works.


1 year ago

Some guys seem genuine whereas more only want to have sex with me and that's it.

One guy I met was suppose to be 34 and won't stop messaging me.
Another guy only wanted me for a ride.
Some Americans in their 60s.

These dating sites suck.


1 year ago

I am not so young anymore and was looking for a relationship or partner and begin January I subscribed CS and look out who I will meet. Everything begin with mutual likes and sometimes a mail. The first woman was from Norway lived in the US but was for her "business" in Turkey, lovely chats etc etc and she asked me using 'Hangouts'. Before I didn't know that instant chat app but I give it a try. Not yet 5min after the first use she showed me a Turkey's Custom paper she had to pay within 24 hours if not she could not shipping her goods to Oslo and asked me to send her 6400 euro and she will return me that money when she come visit me. I am not stupid and I stop all contact.
The second one lived in Australia but has to go Texas (US) where her father was brought to hospital for an urgent surgery on his brain but she could not pay the bill for that surgery…..what come next I don't have to tell anymore, we all can guess.
It was not so a big surprise because that kind of woman are 30y more younger than me but in the beginning I will give them the benefit of the doubt. At moment I mail with nr.3 I found in the USA region but after she say she lives in Russia, but when I analyse our mails I see many things not corresponding with my questions and give me answers not belong to my questions. Now I acting like we can have something nice what I doubt and will lookout how far and how long it takes before she posed me the one million dollar question. I really doubt there are serious dating sites even paid dating sites are not a guaranty and I experienced that after one time……membership fee lost. I really miss the time ICQ instant chat form years before that time there was not one scam but nice and good pen pals friends.


2 years ago

I was searching for an international forum and came across this site by chance. I wasn't interested in dating, so I joined in order to have some interesting conversations with people all over the world. I got disappointed very soon. 90~95% of members who actively write on forums (and blogs) are from English-speaking countries (mostly the USA, UK, Canada, Australia…) and their number is enormously small. Despite such a small number of people – they are rather unwelcoming toward new members.
After spending some time there – I soon realized that it's very difficult to make a distinction of what is real and what is imaginary on that site. There are many fake profiles (some even use celebrity photos) and many members use several profiles themselves. You might exchange messages with 3 people and then find out that you are actually writing to only one person who owns 3 different profiles.
You can never tell whose profiles are real, whose life stories are real, who knows others in real life and who only pretends to know them… If you stay long enough, you start to notice inconsistencies in the life stores, even the stories of people who often and gladly share their personal photos and life online.
Many boast about their great and successful lives and then – spend hours and hours on that site every single day (some almost 24/7) fighting with each other about some silly things, gossiping, competing, grouping – one "gang" against another… Whatever the thread or blog is about – there is always someone who will write something nasty or make an unpleasant remark or put down the OP or someone else…
The level of discussions is generally terribly low. You can hardly find anything worth reading or commenting. Most threads are either quarreling (political, religious or personal) or silly jokes, memes and videos or some childish topics about dating and relationships more suitable for students than adult people with a lot of life experience.
At the moment the situation is especially bad, since a lot of Americans came from another site called MatchDoctor and they flooded the blogs with politics and some boring topics "for retired Americans only".
The place makes one feeling exhausted and distrustful very fast. After being there for a while, I became a lot more reserved in making friendships online and cautious about protecting my privacy than ever before.
The site isn't worth your time if you are looking for anything meaningful – a good conversation or meeting interesting people.
Regular members are there for many years and they seem happy in that imaginary world of theirs. I'm not sure that they are aware of how bad the site looks from the point of a new member. I don't even think that they care.
I cannot say anything about Connecting Singles as a dating site, since I didn't use it as such. Maybe it's better than forums and blogs.
Blogs and forums aren't a place to look for a date and if you spend a couple of days reading what is written there – you will soon find out why yourself.


2 years ago

Look at all the people who got banned!!
Me and my friends have been on Connecting Singles for years and we can say anything we want to anyone!!
We of course don't get banned.
Because we are the ones getting you banned.
So all of you stop crying!
Yeah that'sright!! allow your kind on OUR site! The site is for normal people only NOT for africans muslims asians !!!!!!
So F off!!!!

If you don't believe me look how long I've been on Connecting Singles and all the stuff I said!

Just Google
Connecting Singles mercedes_00

I can say anything to anyone even accuse them of whatever I want and nothing happens to me!!
But if you do a fraction of what I do or we just don't like you…..


It's OUR SITE !!!!!


2 years ago

Connecting Singles is about 95% scammers and liers! First I Google the pics in each profile and most come up belonging to someone else! And the first thing the ladies want you to do is is go to some weird off site place to chat! And all of them say they wanna move in right away.
And they can't remember which lie they told you. And then you don't here from them for days and most say Oh I was in the hospital sick! That many can't all be in the hospital! Most I message all want money or tickets say their comming to see me after only chatting 3 days! Not many on CS aren't scammers!


2 years ago

I've been a member of the site for several years. I come and go. I had several dates, but nothing significant. Each time I log in – there are more scammers and less real women. I've encountered a lot of old profiles of women who had been there for ages (with the same photos). Some of them haven't logged in for a long time and most don't reply to messages. It seems that there are less and less new members.
Forums, poems and blogs aren't worth mentioning. You can only meet old-term members there – or one of their fake profiles (I think that most have several). They are either married, in a relationship, not looking, fake or simply old lonely people who have nowhere else to go. You won't find a date among them.
When I logged in the last time – apart from (too many!) political discussions, there was nothing much to read – only the same old group of people fighting and gossiping among themselves or writing about their days of retirement (rarely anyone is younger than 60, especially on blogs).
Very boring and annoying.
The site has a potential to be better if it stays free, gets modernized and gets rid of everything that isn't a dating site. Until then – only 1 star.
Don't waste your time for now. Check again later to see if it got any better.


2 years ago

As a dating site it offers up plenty of potential dates, but that all goes to pot once you try contacting others.
Because it's free, there's no effort on the part of members to say anything worthwhile about themselves, 'nothing to see here, move along' would fit like a dream. If you're looking for a partner, go elsewhere, somewhere that's a paid site had a reason to get results, CS is not that site.
Things take an altogether different turn in the forums, this is a bear pit of opinionated site users who use the space to promote their own agendas, some posts are funny and show a sense of humor, some are topical and turn out to be talking shops of ideas, and if truth be told, entertaining at times, then there are the endless political threads, most often by American site users, I never expected to find capitol Hill on a dating site, but there ya go! , and finally, there are the flamers, people who's reason for being in site is to agitate and cause descent, racial disharmony, far right anti semite rhetoric and even hate speech, this behavior goes unchecked by any kind of moderator until way into a discussion, by which time the damage is done.
CS has the potential to be better, with the site rules being adhered to, it's been around a good few years, people come and go, for those who stay, it's a social hub, for those that leave its an experience soon forgotten in terms of having anything real to stay up for.


2 years ago

Connecting Singles with all noble intentions is a failure. No matter if it is free or not, the failure is everyone who plays there. Though everyone has their motives and expectations of why they are there and what they hope to find or gain. Yet, it's becoming more of joke than a hope of finding anyone.
Recently I made all kinds of parody songs about the behavior of everyone. The unrealistic expectations they place on their profiles and their selectiveness of email inquiries.
An example is, if a girl emails a guy out of some kind of interest then the guy responds then nothing or they disappear for days.
How are people expected to connect if they spend their time ghosting one another?
The usual fleabags both male and females on the blogs and forums post all kinds of useless bits of info, they create social cliques and banter to each other. Not, considering what you post on social media in most cases is a matter of record.
Where this site would be so successful is if everyone was required to take a psychological test to meet a reasonable criterion it would weed out many who just don't belong there.
In life people fall in a bell curve. There will be a few exceptionals and a few lower than whale poop folks and somewhere in between we will find the overall quality of people.
What it boils down to, a dating site could be built to gauge people to find suitable partners via a bell curve.
Hence, all what we consider dysfunctional they would have a place for them. Those in the middle of the road would have their place and the upper echelon will have theirs.
Mixing it in all in one pot may offer diversity but, I don't think it works so well. This is imo the failure of connecting singles.
The real waste is so many are on this site and one wonders who are they corresponding to if they never involve themselves in the blog community.
Few involve themselves in the forums.
The lights are on but, nobody is home.
If people have no intention to correspond why are they there?


2 years ago

Any free website you will get what you pay for and they all crawl with scammers, expect your mailbox to explode when you join! But it IS genuinely free and there ARE real singles on there. I like CS. It basically changed my life, not because I met Mr Right but because while I still thought he was Mr Right I got involved in the blogs and forums and made some unexpected friends. He's still one. I'd recommend to anyone trying to get back into single life, because it's like a crash course in being single second time round. The blogs and forums are like a gigantic coffee shop, crammed with bores, weirdos, and comedians, it's fun learning to dodge.


2 years ago

I joined this site yesterday for the first time. I received many messages. Most of them were from men very faraway from me, so I politely replied with "Thank you, but we are too far away". I didn't contact anyone first. I just replied to the received messages. After some time the site blocked me and prevented me from replying to messages. Whenever I tried to reply to someone's message I got this info: "You have exceeded the limit for Messages in a 24 hour period. You may try again in 24 hours.
We appreciate your cooperation." What kind of rule is that??? You can chat with ONLY ONE MAN and exceed the message limit for the day and since you cannot reply he might think that you ignore him and you are not interested in him! What a terrible dating site!

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