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1 year ago

Connectwise Automate, Automates making IT Miserable!

The implementation has been a nightmare. It constantly crashes, the agents go offline and have to be reinstalled manually, the policies don鈥檛 work, the 鈥渁utomation鈥?triggers security monitoring and causes extra paperwork while at the same time not actually doing the automated task, etc. etc. the list goes on鈥?br />

like most of the other reviews, If I was starting from scratch, knowing what I know now, I would never pick LabTech again.


1 year ago

Moved to Automate from Kaseya. Connectwise seems to get good starts on product upgrades that fizzle out and lack follow through. We get the start of a network mapping feature that once released doesn't seem to ever get flushed out into something useable requiring us to buy additional products to do core RMM functionality like network monitoring.

Scripting engine is good, patch management is wonky. We spend a lot of time with the consulting arm trying to get it to work correctly. Support can't adequately explain why clients get reboot prompts mid day etc.


3 years ago

If I was starting from scratch, knowing what I know now, I don't think I'd pick LabTech again.


3 years ago

Excellent product that is well supported by vendor. Consider it a 'business critical' system at our firm and highly recommend it!

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