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10 months ago

I am completely shocked at the level of INCOMPETENCE from Jennifer Drabek – "senior rep" for IRA at Connexus Credit Union. She has to be one of the MOST, the MOST INCOMPETENT employee I've ever had to deal with & after over 40 days of working on solving this problem with a supervisor CCed, it is still in LIMBO due to PURE NEGLIGENCE. As a result I've lost out on SO MUCH, the IRA which is a SIGNIFICANT amount of money got ZERO INTEREST (think SIX FIGURES) for AN ENTIRE MONTH, the ENTIRE savings rate BRACKET went down significantly, I may be looking at penalty from the US govt, and even my accountant for next year is going to be SHOCKED at the MESS Connexus has put my account in.

Jennifer Drabek does nothing but LIE, LIE, LIE, when in fact there are email proof over & over again. SHOCKING!! I cannot believe she calls herself "experienced"…. If I can go back in time, I would say, set up an IRA rollover or transfer or account with ANY other institution you can actually get on the PHONE to speak with you, instead of douging your calls for days going into months, and LIE about email proof, stating she "didn't" know this or that EVERY STEP of the way, after being TOLD TEN TIMES! Despicable EXPERIENCE, RUNNN!!!


1 year ago

Worst customer service ever! I've been asking for a replacement card since December 2019, been told 3 times it was on the way and will be with me in max two business days and to that date I am still waiting to receive my new card (we are January 26). You can try contacting them online via there message center, they clearly can't be bothered to reply to you, and on the phone they are unaware of your requests. I'm just wondering what are those people paid for. I'm taking my business elsewhere and will close all my accounts with them this Monday.

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