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2 years ago

I ordered 5 sets of different colored game pieces for a game I'm making for my sister's 50 birthday, and they neglected to send the black game pieces. When I asked them to send me those, they only refunded for the game pieces – and would not ship the ones I ordered even though they do still sell them on their site.

I developed the game around those game pieces, and no one else sells them.


4 years ago

Purchased in Good faith on EBay UK, and seeing seller HAS used stock US/UK image, implying version being sold is US/UK… So believed I'd receive item as illustrated and no mention of different version, I.e. Language or instructions being totally in German.

It was purchased as gift for 9 year old British child and friends.

On receipt and seeing GERMAN version, different to online we Raised -NOT AS DESCRIBED/RETURN seller avoided, but stipulated return costs were buyers responsibility!

Verbatim response: note purchased on Ebay-UK, paid in GBP and sent to UK address.

05 July 2016

MessageDear Sir, you have order in germany by a german seller – in the decription we don麓t say its in english. You can send us back of your own cost than we will refund. Thank you for your email. We accept your cancellation and would like to point out that according to our Conditions you as a buyer to bear the cost of returning. Please note that you are required to return the goods within 14 days for us. Until receipt of the goods we will exercise our right of retention. Once we have received and checked the item, we will arrange for the refund of the purchase price immediately. Important notes: Please send the goods are not as "free" or "fee paid by addressee" back. The resulting extra costs, we will not carry and do not accept the package.

Seller, dictates their own returns policies that violate and breach ALL EU Long Distance Selling Regulations, including voiding 30 day returns, placing return of Item NOT AS DESCRIBED onus, on buyer including return postage?

Very unfair, rude and arrogant seller, AVOID AT ALL COSTS

Raised matter with EBay CEO Mr Devin Wenig, and UK Ms Tanya Lawler, as well as CEO PayPal Dan Schulman and Uk managing director, directly via email, and voiced lousy experience on social media.

Update: PAYPAL escalated claim NOT AS DESCRIBED
Item reported Reason Decision
222003033971 Formula D Not as described Granted

CEO's of Asmodee are aware and investigating, Sellers that violate buyers rights.

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