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1 year ago

Very bad experience at the Cinnaminson location of Connolly Dermatology. I was having a lump biopsied and it required me to be spread eagle with nothing on below the waist. The chair i was put in was positioned facing the door and the nurse kept going in and out of the room while i was naked from the waist down with my legs spread eagle in the exam chair with no curtain or anything. That alone had me uncomfortable and feeling very vulnerable. There was minimal instruction on what was about to take place. The injection to numb the area was super painful (we are talking about a needle to your girl parts, that is seriously painful people!) Once the numbing injection was done the doctor started to slice the lump without even checking if the numbing solution had kicked in. well, the numbing solution DID NOT EVER kick in and she sliced me right open with me yelling that i felt everything. The response i got was "i was already half way through so i figured i should just keep going". She then started to proceed to cauterize the blood vessels while i was still NOT NUMB, so i started crying and yelled that she had to stop right away. I could feel everything. She did not even offer to put more numbing injection in until after i said i was done, i couldn't take the pain anymore. At that point you have just performed a whole procedure on me without any numbing solution and tried to use a hot metal tool to burn my blood vessels shut, and you think NOW is a good time to offer more numbing injection?? How about making sure im numb before you start slicing and dicing me up?? Most doctors will poke you with the scalpel and ask if you can feel that before cutting you open. It was one of the most traumatic things i have experienced in my life. I told her i was done. She said i was going to bleed a lot because she wasn't able to cauterize the blood vessels. At that moment i didn't care and said i was leaving. She said the bleeding should only last 30 min or so. The bleeding lasted over 24 hours. I was very close to going to the ER because of how much bleeding was going on, literally went through 7 rolls of gauze that bled through, but i was scared to expose myself at the ER to any diseases with me having such a big open wound. I couldn't believe this happened in America. you hear of horror stories like this when people go to places outside of the US… i have never felt so violated and mishandled. Dr. K as they call her, or Dr. Kupetsky did not do her job as a doctor to ensure i was taken care of properly. She did apologize, but at that point i was already in a state of shock at what just happened and "i'm sorry" didn't change or make better everything that had just transpired. Very disappointed and will not be returning to this practice.

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