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5 months ago

I paid off all balances with a check from a finance company that over paid what I actually owed, Conn's has yet to pay me back for the over payment on one of those accounts. It has been about 1 year since payoff. I will never do business with Conn's again.


11 months ago

Good afternoon to everyone that work for the Conn'S Customer Center.I do hope that all of yous are doing ok smile.Also I do hope that all of yous will have a very wonderful day and yes always enjoy life ok smile.In ending I must tell all of yous that when I received a call from Conn'S HomePlus Account Recovery Agent Macy to discuss with me some of my loan pay back options she was very very very Professional Helpful and yes very Caring to me and that was very good business ok smile.Last of all Marcy is always such a very very Positive Role Model for all young and old agents that work in the Account Recovery Department ok smile.Finally to everyone Account Recovery Department Agent Marcy is always such a very very very very Positive Representative for the Conn'S HomePlus store that she works for ok smile.Now last of all before I end my Review Marcy has very very Excellent Communication Skills and yes yes she always know and love her job and I say JOB WELL DONE ok smile.
Morris W Conway Jr

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