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2 years ago

I'll let you be the judge!

Those videos may be here for a short period only, so please watch them and pass them to others. But first, let me reassure you that we can win. How? First we must make sure our elected president stay in place and for that we may have to contact our representative and Senators to investigate the Clinton Foundation–which will put a stop into the shadow government. Here is an ex-CIA agent talking about the Depopulation plan :

This will be the most shocking because it comes from NASA itself

You may ask,why do they make it public? The globalists pertain to an order call the Cabalists (from the Cabal related to Mason) and they believe that unless they let their enemy know what is ahead, they'll have a bad karma. So, they will tell you what their plans are through the Simpsons' s cartoon, soros's magazine that tells the whole story of what they are planning and the head of state that prevents the globalists to get what they want(those appears in the cartoon with real human faces, like a picture and they are China, president Trump, Russia etc. the few that opposes globalists and are independent.

Please, consider passing the inform on while still available and defend our republica by calling up representativews and asking for an investigation of Obama/Clinton Foundation etc. and that will cause the Deep State to be exposed.

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