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9 months ago

The guy is a textbook narcissist. He knows how to sound spiritual and talk the talk, but he's ultimately a scammer with no integrity.

I paid $2500 for a course, and he cancelled it before it started, and replaced it with a course materially different – an open course instead of the closed container it was supposed to be. 25% of the hours, and designed for local people rather than people visiting from abroad – moving the workshops to the afternoon instead of the morning (as advertised) thereby making it impractical to explore the island (Hawaii).

I said I was not interested in the replacement course (as I was not) and asked for a refund. This was back in 2014, and I have still not been refunded nor offered anything close to what was advertised.

I have heard from other teachers who co-worked with him who described working with him as the worst experience of their life as they also ended up having to work for free (in order to retain their integrity) as he spent the money they were promised on other things.

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