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7 years ago

It's all part of this big scam


8 years ago

Great site. Don't get misguided by these delusional Liberals. Their idiocy is what is ruining the country.


9 years ago

Safe site, no matter how crappy Harper is. Must be a bunch of disgruntled Liberals and NDP people here.


9 years ago

While I agree that Harper is … indescribable, this *is* a "good" site, by definition.

Go NDPs! (Or Liberals. And then Green, I suppose.)

Conservatives are 4th! Keep up the good work!


9 years ago

M. Harper est certainement parmi les premiers ministres les plus honn锚tes que le Canada ait eu. Bien entendu, il fait des erreurs parfois, comme n'importe quel politicien, mais au moins, il tient ses promesses.


12 years ago

They have had the bad practice of auto-phoning and spamming people who end up on their name lists. They also put election signs on people property without asking permission.

If you like or dislike their policies is beside the point.

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