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3 years ago

! News and Fabrications – Blatantly Exaggerated !
! Mucho Exclamation Marks and Bold Uppercase !
! Shocking Sensationalistic BUSTED Verbiage !

Not "conservative" behavior. Insufficiently honest or creative to be "radical". Sadly, this fits the profile of Yet Another Fake News Site.


4 years ago

Fantastic claims and racial/religious bias.


4 years ago

Posts wild and long disproven falsehoods and has a long convoluted warning telling readers that they must be over 18, the information can not be assumed to be correct and the site may not be computer safe.聽 When the site tells you to use at your own risk it may be best not to use at all.


4 years ago Claims refuted. This site is bunk. Propaganda and misinformation. Avoid.


7 years ago

I could not even get through to the video. There were so many pop ups.

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