Conservatoire Des Broderies De Lun茅ville

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Website & Phone: Place de la 2猫me Division de Cavalerie Lun茅ville 54300 France

3 years ago

The Broderie Luneville is giving courses. I just finished a course which was VERY DISAPPOINTING AND THE PEOPLE OF THE BRODERIE LUNEVILLE EXTREMELY RUDE. I was asked on the first day to pay for the course as well obliged to sign a paper claiming I will not steal their intellectual property. The woman also wanted to charge me 100鈧?deposit, however on the website it states 60鈧? and I received a confirmation email of 60鈧?deposit. She insisted that the deposit is 100鈧?and I did insist the deposit as per email and their own website 60鈧? Why are you telling lies at the Broderie Luneville??? Why? The following day I asked for a copy of the paper I was obliged to sign and an invoice which is normal in the EU. However the rude French woman said they DO NOT give any copy of the paper I signed. Then she came into the class during the course with the paper that I can read it but can't get any copy. Again I kindly asked her a copy. She started to SCREAM IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY THAT I CANT GET A COPY AND I SHOULD READ UT! Is this the typical rude French behavior? The minister of Tourism of France some time ago asked the French to be friendlier with foreigners as they have a bad reputation! In the class I had to sit and wait 20 Twenty minutes for the teacher to tell me one sentence to proceed, she was unable to properly explain things. I don't understand how she can be a teacher. She was arriving late to classes, she doesn't know a good teacher arrives few minutes before class starts. On the last day she gave us a paper badly written, not professional with some explanation. Why not the first day? She never explained properly anything and I had to insist explaining the beginning and ending of work… the toilet of the school was dirty and is used to store pamphlets of the "school" and the Castle. In my opinion 356鈧?for this very low level teaching is expensive. I also sent various emails to the school in the past two days which they did not bother to respond. If you want to learn about embroidery do not go to the 'conservatory luneville ' unless you are looking for this. There are excellent videos on YouTube and if you want to go to school go to Lesage in Paris. This for me was a very very disappointing experience! Shame! I wish I never came to this bad school with rude people. This kind of behavior is absolutely unacceptable! The Broderie Luneville is also selling pearls and sequins, however when I inquired about the origin of the pearls and sequins, I was told they don't know where it comes from. They are selling things, they don't know where come from? maybe China, maybe the market, maybe who knows… Is this the French way?? Maybe the famous Luneville technique also come from who knows where??? I was also told that they will send my information to the Ministery of Education in my country so that I would not be able to teach 'Luneville' Broderie… I dont know whether is truth or lie.. however if you want to learn to bead, do NOT go to Luneville, there are othere places you can learn!

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