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2 years ago

We purchased a conservatory from this company which also advertises as diy conservatories. We paid extra for the people to come to our property to measure up and also paid extra for them to erect the conservatory as it was large and would have been difficult for my husband and I to do so. All went relatively well during the ordering phase but it was at this stage that we found that diy conservatory were also conservatory Base Company which led to a bit of confusion. It is also possible they may be the same as K2 conservatories.We paid for the units and a date was arranged for delivery and erection over 2 days. We ensured all base work was prepared as requested and all went to schedule. The 2 fitters worked hard and fast, perhaps to fast, and completed the job. First issues we found was that one of the doors did not closed properly and also we had mis-matched trim. We tried to resolve these issues with the company but to no avail and eventually repaired/replaced ourselves.
However in September approx 1 year after the conservatory was built whilst we were sitting in it one of the glazed units exploded and shattered. There was absolutely no indication of anything hitting it and if you were to see the location of the conservatory also understand why this would be unlikely. We contacted conservatory base company who immediately said they would refer it to the glass manufacturers. They came back saying it was caused by something striking it and was therefore not covered and we would have to pay. Regardless of what we said and pointed to the photos as well as researching into this and found that windows can indeed shatter they would not move so we eventually replaced it ourselves.
Fast forward to 9/1/19 and we noticed a crack running from the corner of another unit. We again supplied photos and was given exactly the same runaround with the reason given that it was caused by impact. In fact it would appear that they did not even bother to look at the photos or read the description of the location correctly as they gave the excuse for one of the small opening windows which apparently are not toughened even though I had stated that it was a large unit.
I would suggest that anyone looking to use this company would thing hard before doing so as it would appear that if anything goes wrong there is a culture of denying liability and passing the buck for someone else to do exactly the same.

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