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6 months ago

I bought an Dakin Air Conditioner from this company, and while I was perusing the Invoice that they sent for me to pay, which I did pay, and received the item; that company did not charge me the correct amount of VAT for the item they sold me.
They charged me 20% VAT, when the going rate for that item then (and now) is 5%.
They probably kept the difference in their office, awaiting me to claim it. !

They charged me 拢84.83 which is 拢63.60 too much.
I am still waiting for them to send me my correct money change back: 拢63.60 !

The item they sold me arrived in perfect condition and when it was installed it worked perfectly and was an asset improvement to my home.
It fully air conditioned my apartment and it is very very silent (Daikin).
The outdoor unit does not make very much at all, no neighbour can hear anything.

I am so sorry that this company Cool Tech, failed me in this instance.

Newspaper report of the new Government Law:
Domestic customers can benefit from reduced VAT at 5% on home air conditioning systems.
The Government has now included supplied and installed air-sourced heat pump systems under the reduced VAT scheme. Dated: 2018 (to present)

I would attach my PDF invoice but there is no provision on these pages, for that.

Cool Tech Air Conditioning (UK) Ltd was established in 2002 serving Lancashire and the North West including Manchester, Bolton and London.

Have A Nice Day.

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