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8 years ago

I didn't receive my true blue dongle, i never wan't to have anything to do with them again!

I hope everything is solved and paypal find that
im scammed =(


8 years ago

The same situation as Nahum Figueroa, but I waited 4 months…


9 years ago

Currently in the process of filing a DMCA, Injunction and claim for compensation against this company. They have stolen a huge amount of my content and placed it on their own site and then had the audacity to redistribute my content via a PR Company. Will be seeking damages.


9 years ago

Ordered AceKard 28th Dec 2010.
Paid via paypal.
It is now 3rd of March 2011. Still no sign of my AceKard.
Got "confirmation" that order "delivered" on 3rd January. I obviously knew it meant "shipped", not delivered, as their English on automated emails was quite broken.
Therefore I waited. And then I waited again, and again, and nothing came through my letter box.
Emailed them first time on 8th of February enquiring where my order is and got no response.
Emailed them again on 15th of February and still got no response.
Then emailed again on 20th Feb – no response.
Emailed last time on 24th of February – still no response.
I have advised them that I would leave negative feedbacks on-line and would inform paypal about their monkey business. They ignored that as well. Therefore this is my review as promised, they had plenty of opportunities to reply to my emails and failed to do so. Therefore I can only suggest that this company is not worth doing business with.
Tried disputing transaction via paypal but failed to do that within 45 days of transaction,therefore no refund via pyapal. And I only gave them more time to "deliver" the item and didn't raise incident via paypal.
They claim they offer 24 hour customer service which is absolute BS.


10 years ago

last time i was looking for a r4,i found this on the site of
cool2deal ,but i also need a newest 5generation ipod mp4
they found this for me ,also recomemder me some other
mp4 series.i am really satisfied with them,also i will come back
to shopping here,thats really a cool place to deal!

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