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5 years ago

i was looking and browsing through the web and by the looks of it it is so fake and i was thinking of buying something from this "so called" website but trust me dont think of buying anyhting from here which I didnt and wont people dont be fool of buying anything it'll just take your money so dont risk it


6 years ago

i bought a pair of nikes 6 weeks ago and never received them.
It is a fake site and the money is gone


7 years ago

I have ordered a pair of trainers Friday and still it says order pending and yet i have not received a reply via email.. Anyone know anything more about this site ajs wether they do actually send there trainers out. Damn should have reviewed it


7 years ago

Trust me when i say this DO NOT USE THIS SITE!!!! it is a scam…..The trainers i received which took over two weeks to arrive were not even the trainers i ordered and were VERY POOR quality FAKES.
p.s I would love to kick their arses!!


7 years ago

This site is selling fake items or not even sending the item! This site is scamming people out of there money, do not buy anything from this site!


7 years ago

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