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7 months ago

This company has, by far, the best customer service I have ever received. They delivered my shirt quick and when I complained about a miss print, they let me keep the shirt AND gave me a full refund. I absolutely do recommend ordering from them if you have ever considered it. Talk about customer service!


1 year ago

I made a purchase over a month ago, and I am pretty sure this website is a scam.They have taken my money, and never sent an email to track my package. The in-website tracking is unavailable and I never got a reply from the email or website.
I do not recommend you buy from this website.


1 year ago

I ordered a t shirt a while ago, and it still hasn't came. I wonder if the website is a scam or not. The shirt looked cool and I hope it gets here soon. Overall, VERY SLOW. The rainbow six siege t shirt that was black and white, was the one I ordered. Coolanimestuffs, PLEASE RESPOND!

I just changed my rating to two stars because the owner finally messaged me back which I find promising. Might change my rating once the shirt gets here.

3rd Edit. Changed my rating to 5 stars!!! Just got my shirt it's amazing.if you have patience it is a great website. Not a scam and great quality shirt!!


2 years ago

Purchased garment came with dozens of loose threads, hole in pocket and delaminating decals. Customer service refused to replace, offering paltry discount on expensive but cheaply produced garment

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