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8 months ago

Waited 3 months and still haven't received my order. The worst part is that the custom service is garbage, non existant. Do not order from there.
If I could give a review of no stars I would have !! Let me put it plainly….If you send these people any money you are out of your mind !!! If by some miracle you receive any goods from them they will be poor quality, way out size wise or nothing like what you ordered. To add insult to injury you will probably have to wait months for the goods to arrive and wether they arrive of not it will have cost an absolute fortune in delivery charges. This site is a Chinese based scam. Thankfully I got a full refund from Paypal although I find it unbelievable paypal are still prepared to conduct transactions with them as it must be costing them dear. You have been warned !!!! This is a chinese based scam. DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY.

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