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7 months ago

We ordered the CoolCabana 5 Size L – Palms
Regular price$149.00—– we were amazed and shocked quite frankly that this item arrived the day after we ordered it: Talk about speedy delivery! But, once open (on the beach no less) there was no stake to place the cabana at all. When we reached out to customer service they stated they weighed all items and this should have been inside the bag with the actual canopy itself. Obviously it was not there, and they stated they would send a replacement. We have yet to receive the stake to secure the cabana. But the bag is light (unsure of weight with the needed stake), and the design is pretty. So 3 stars for missing pieces, would be 5 if all came as promised, and if we weren't told that they weighed everything so it should be there. It left a bit of a defensive taste in our mouths. We will see how it stands up when we have all equipment needed to use it.

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