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Website & Phone: 1071 East Boundary Street Toledo 43615 United States

8 years ago

This is the worst company that i have ever! not only are that not able to deal with orders quickly. when you call customer service number you get a answering machine then if you even get a call back! It took 3 email and 2 massages. Then i got a call from someone On my phone there was a weird number and it side that it was from OH that was all not company name! To top it all of most unprofessional pompous ass on the other end. THIS SITE SUCKED!!!!


10 years ago

crap just like everyone else said…. took 2 1/2 months to get my $#*! strait with theese fools. just like everybody else sent me the wrong parts told me i was wrong and didnt know what i was talking about when they were clearly wrong… extremly frusterating dealing with them took their sweet time responding to emails and good luck trying to call them their phone doesnt work… i finally got my parts and it came with a 30 amp fuse when the instructions that came w it clearly state DO NOT USE NE FUSE BIGGER THAN 20 AMPS OR FUSE WILL MELT.. seriously haha this sites a joke oh and i ordered headlight housings they came looked nothing like the ones in the picture on their site and they were glued together crooked there for not fitting nothing but junk


10 years ago

Horrible company. Sells junk, my foglights were delivered broken and the company is giving me the run around returning them. I'm not sure it'll happen at all. They don't answer any question what so ever. Do not buy from them.


10 years ago

Horrible company if it can be called that. Speaking with them about your order is frustrating and enough to piss any one off. There is no common respect, or for that matter no respect for their customers. Ordered one expensive part and never received and they told me I was lieing and parts never get lost or not received. Do NOT order from these crooks. Worst online shopping experience ever.


11 years ago

Ripoff, sells cheap junk, look alikes of the real thing. NEVER shop here. O, if you want to return something, or it's broken, all you can hope to get is store crecit

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