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7 months ago

I've been using Coolchems for years and I have not once had a bad experience. Coolchems is a very very amazing site. Jane and Eve are amazing people. Thank you Coolchems.


7 months ago

Well my package arrived after 54days. But it was sent during the corona crisis, so it's understandable. From what Ive heard, there are still not many operational planes from Europe that would deliver the packages faster. But anyway, Coolchems is reliable, the problem is not on their end.


7 months ago

DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID! These guys are absolute scammers.

I ordered something very expensive in May. When I hadn't gotten it after a full month (June 19th), they blamed coronavirus. Ok. I'll give it a little longer.

I asked again today and they were like…what are you talking about? The actual ship date wasn't May 19th…it was June 10th! Like an entire month later 馃槵. They also said that after that there was really nothing they could do and they promise they did everything they could.

And then the lightbulb went on. And I was like oooohhhhh….they're scamming me aren't they? Lol.

Please don't make the same expensive mistake I did. Use your hard earned money somewhere else.


7 months ago

Paying a premium is one thing but then the very first order never came.



8 months ago

Contacted cool chem was guaranteed delivery and tracking, tracking showed nothing contacted them after delivery date had passed, was told it has been put on hold in Germany, need to get a electronic prescription, paid for that, now are saying to pay extra for something else didn't understand emailed back to get a proper clarification of what they meant no reply.
Avoid and don't end up spending almost a $1000 like myself.


8 months ago

Eve from Coolchems:

This message belongs to the user named AnnekeValmein:

We operate our email daily don鈥檛 hesitate to contact us anytime when it鈥檚 necessary. Your ordered package is delayed by the covid 19 situation but our delivery time is getting better and the average delivery is 14 days now. Please contact us for more information about your package.



8 months ago

This company is legit 100%. Shipping took a long time but is understandable with the situation of COVID-19 happening. Product is Top shelf. And Company was always in communiction with me. Responded to all my emails. totally would recommend Coolchems to everyone………..


8 months ago

Update: 51 days later and still nothing. The advice they gave to me was that if I made another order of equal or greater value that they would include my other order with it. Yeah right, like I'm going to do that and be out more than double the money I already spent on the previous order. Like I said I've done business with them like 7 or 8 times, but I don't have the money to flush down the drain on the remote chance my order might show.

Ordered from Coolchems a lot in the past and never had an issue, but my pack was shipped May 4th…nearly one month ago. I understand the coronavirus situation is affecting things, but my pack from NL took two weeks. I'll update the review if my pack arrives, but we're going over s month now from Spain, and that is just kinda ridiculous.


10 months ago

Absolutely legit company. Have been doing business with them for 5 years and many orders and never one problem. Funds DO go Western Union to the Czech republic and everything ships fine. They are definitely not scammers.


11 months ago

Have had several orders with this company. This last shipment to the US took 13 days which unusually long. When I sent them an email to inquire if they had had any delays with packs bound for the US, their response was "Be Patient, and they quickly reminded me that there was no reship policy for untracked packs, even though they do not offer tracking to the US and their minimum order of anything is at least around 100 usd. So, unless you have extra $ to gamble with I would not recommend ordering from this company.


1 year ago

had bought from coolchems for about 2 years, everything just always went splendid.
Then they changed owners almost two years ago and they lifted me off a 500E order!!!
Fake parcel tracking, fake delivery address, no response to my emails, payment by Western Union in Ukraine.


2 years ago

Multiple orders, to the US, only ever had 1 mishap where they sent less, but they immediately sent more which made the total more than the original order, without hesitation. Most reliable vendor I've come across for caths

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