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2 years ago

A great site and a help to calculate the English feet and such into our normal standard values (and vice verca ofc.) a big issue for many of us that have to deal with these old fashioned and mentally crippling type of values on a regular basis. The site is safe, well, I haven't experienced any trouble here. Some sites are full of hidden links and they place them over the buttons and make them invisible, making one think one clicks on something else until the its too late… Remember its a good idea to make your cables reachable, pulling out the connection asap. can sometimes save you tonnes of trouble, and doing it once too many is much better than never or once too little, because your safety software doesn't even recognize the threat before its too late in some cases. Clicking on some invisible link is all it takes if your unlucky enough to click on the really bad ones. And they can place those anywhere as long as they can hack into the servers…yeah, its that easy to completely ruin someones day and maybe worse.
(WARNING: Digression coming up, sorry)
MY ADVICE: Be careful, dont enter all sorts of sites, especially porn and crime and such, thats almost a guarantee of being hacked and targeted.Better safe than sorry. I just wish parents of today would think like that and care equally and more about raising our children to become honest responsible and hard working people. There is always something one can do, even when disabled like me. I spend all my days, almost 24/7 for many years, educating myself and sharing my knowledge with others also searching for knowledge and truth. Once one get the opportunity and the time to actually do this, it would be a shame and waste not to grab a hold of it with both hands and I did, and started learning faster and more than I did during my entire "public education scenario" within months. If it weren't for the learning to read and write part in the very beginning, I would say that it was a complete waste of time. We would be so much better off by really reforming the entire concept of what an education is and what it should be. Because as it is, its a waste of valuable years in early life when one actually can learn a lot and much faster than later in life like me now…if not for the basics the public would be better off without them, the so-called institutions of education and their propaganda stupidities. I hope the world wakes up and truly shake the system and rebuild it. The world would become a better place because of it, thats for sure. Education is important, so if all they teach us is bullshit deceptions and worse, what does that make us? Re-educate yourself people, and most of all, research the new topic that never seems to go away for some strange reason, its called the flat earth, and you learn truths, like that there are no curvature to our world at all, its built into the camera lenses and called "Fish-eye lens" and that creates the curvature. On 110000fet, there are still no curvature, and even pilots are starting to come out, Nasa is propaganda, satellites are simply the information sent up and reflected from the "ultima thule", from the upper limit which is a solid, and they are bouncing the info from their up-link stations to their down-link stations. Thats why the satellite dishes never move, thats not because there are millions of satellites up there, that was all a lie. Check it out for yourself. Youtube the Nasa bouncing info or Nasa is a hoax or Nasa never landed on the moon…ever…or just Google that Nasa is a Hebrew word meaning to deceive or deception. Its the big deception of the world today. We have been taught globe and been lied to since we were old enough to understand the word "Globe", and "Sphere". Sounds crazy, I know, I started out as a debunker…enough said. Please, educate yourself about this, we need you to stop their fraud, the theft of billions of American tax money, yes, its so big it concerns us all. With hope from Norway.


6 years ago

Site about systems and units of measurement. Many unit converters. Good site.

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