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7 months ago

Spoke with Joanne to make sure I had the right measurements for my Chef Titanium XL, ordered the cover on 19th June and received it today 29th June. It is a lovely pattern, the cover is extremely well made and I can't fault the service. Very surprised by the negative reviews as that wasn't my experience at all. I would certainly buy from this company again and will recommend them to my friends.


8 months ago

Wow! Have just had an encounter with Joanne, owner (presumably) of Cozycoverups. Put my order in on 7th June and today is the 22nd. The blurb said to contact the company if the order wasn't received in 10 days. Phoned up on Saturday to enquire as to when I might receive my covers. I didn't expect a reply on Saturday and left a message but I did think I might get a reply today (Monday). Didn't hear anything so I phoned again and Joanne told me she was dealing with orders from May and she hasn't got time to listen to messages. She told me how busy she is but never once did she apologise for the delay. I suggested that she might simply apologise which would have sufficed, rather than responding with an aggressive justification. She become more unpleasant, stressing to me how much work she had and then she told me that she would refund my money before she abruptly put the phone down. Joanne you need to learn some manners and improve your customer service techniques. Guess what – being aggressive with customers because you're stressed, overworked and overstretched doesn't cut the mustard. Beware everyone!


8 months ago

I placed an order 0n the 1st May expecting delivery after 5 days as per the website its now 25th May still no cover and no response to the email I sent.
I made a phone call to chase the company and was advised I was rude for calling on a bank holiday and if i did not like the service i could have a refund,
needless to say I asked for a refund.


1 year ago


So, I ordered my cover on 11th August and today is 29th. No cover as yet.
I wrote to company to ask where it was, and explained that I had ordered it for a friend who was moving away from my town, so there was some urgency.
The response was terse, and I quote: "Your cover has been delivered and had you picked it up on the 24th your friend would have received it as planned."
And then goes on to tell me about ordering etc, in these words (and I quote):
"Let me just make this clear for you……"
Wow. Imagine being like that with a customer??
So, the cover has not arrived, and had I BEEN ABLE to collect it from the mail forwarding company (which is in The UK and I live in Ireland) I would not have been able to, since The Cozy Outfit did not put my identifying number on the parcel, so the company could not forward it to me.
Putting the correct address on a parcel is kinda basic.
Speaking to a customer by e-mail telling me MY business is, quite frankly, not on. Had I "picked up" my parcel it would have been able to have been given to my friend before she left town. Oh yeah? So, I was supposed to fly to the UK, go to the delivery company and get a parcel which had been incorrectly labelled?
This isn't even funny, even though most people would find it to be a joke.
I am going to do my utmost to let people know what this company is like, and I am going to take further action, as companies have a duty in Company Law to act responsibly and not to take money from customers when they are mailing their stuff to incorrect addresses.

Still waiting for my cover.
Have lodged complaint with Paypal.

In the meantime, I e-mailed this company to ask where my cover was, and this is what I got back (and I quote):
"What is wrong with you?
I made you a beautiful cover which I took great time discussing with you so it would be right. It was delivered in 11 working days, which for a personalised cover is good.
Ok, I made a mistake with the address, which I apologise for, but the review and the link?"
In other words, it is not really much of an issue if you make a mistake with the address, if you have spent a lot of time working on a cover!! No, I suppose not, other than the fact that the beautiful piece of art never actually arrives!
I am deeply offended that my personal mental health has been called into question on this one, since complaining doesn't actually imply that you have something wrong with you.
What is wrong with me? I wanted the item I bought to be correctly addressed and to arrive in a timely manner. If this makes me mad, then maybe I need to be referred to a counselor.
Further follow up.
I finally received the cover two days ago, on 15th September. It is very ordinary, made with cheap material. The one I ordered from "Penny's useful things," which has a Facebook page and a website, is a fabulous cover, made from good quality material. Look there before you consider this company, and make a comparison..


1 year ago

I ordered one teacosy via eBay and was so delighted by it I ordered appliance covers and a cafeti猫re cover. A mixup over the design of the cafeti猫re was resolved by the manager giving it free to me whilst making up another one in the correct design. Generous, as she could have requested it to be returned.
Now to the teacosy and cafeti猫re. In my view, these products are the best you are likely to own. They look hand made expertly which I like and the insulation is second to none. I wondered why the handle on my teapot had suddenly started to be hot and then I realised it was the teacosy keeping everything hot! Others have noticed and even my husband has commented on what a good design they are, having a 3 D shape. So Thankyou.


1 year ago

Really poor customer service. The product never arrived. It was supposedly pushed through a door somewhere, but not my door! They responded by sending me a proof of delivery, which wasn't proof of anything, but no response to anything at all emails unanswered, phone calls unanswered. We buy a lot of products and its extremely rare to have this poor level of customer service. Avoid at all cost. We wish we'd read these reviews before we lost our money.

Update : Having contacted Hermes the delivery company they have advised that they would offer a refund if the seller had requested it. It seems that Coolcozycovers they would rather not bother and have an unhappy customer.


1 year ago

Excellent service, cover beautifully made with nice quality fabric. Perfect fit.


1 year ago

If there had been zero I would have given it I am still waiting for my refund for order placed on the 20th April e mails not responded to and telephone not answered


2 years ago

I have bought items from this company in the past but used them before Christmas simply on the basis that they used to be reliable. It took them a week to despatch my order then Whistl took another 8 days to deliver. So disappointed when I opened my package of matching food mixer cover and tea cosy, somehow someone had cut the fabric for the tea cosy with pattern upside down. Then it was stitched without anyone noticing and wrapped for posting – so clearly no quality control. I e-mailed the company and in 5 days received no response, not even an automated e-mail. There was no paperwork in the package and no returns label. Having paid by PayPal I contacted their resolution centre who very quickly decided that I was to be given a full refund. Still no word from Coolcozycovers so clearly not going to say that they are sorry, doubt that I will ever use them again.


3 years ago

First time purchase and will not be the last. Super service, super quality, super people. Well recommended.

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