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4 months ago

Been trying ever day for two weeks to get info about defective case switch . so far nobody picks up the phone. guess i will just buy another brand.


5 months ago

Atrocious Customer Support. Tried getting a PSU for warranty for over 2 years. 2 years of not responding to my RMA, "awaiting approval". Having tickets cancelled automatically by the system, because it took them too long to answer and never being re-opened. Only to hear today that "the warranty sticker has been tampered with". Total BS. PSU stopped working months after purchase. It's been laying in the cabinet in the basement this whole time. Unbothered by anyone or anything. I have pictures, recent ones to prove they are lying. But to be honest I think they are counting on the fact that people value their time and sanity too much to chase them over a 100$ product. In most cases this is probably what happens. Learn from me and don't ever buy anything from them. If you need a PSU, go for Seasonic. I had it for years and it haven't failed me once.


6 months ago

Had to RMA a nearly five year old PSU. 650W Bronze. Was pleasantly surprised to learn warranty was still valid. Fortunately, I save receipts for stuff like this. It took a while of course, being a pandemic and all, but just received replacement. I put in my RMA request that 650W was not really required for my needs, and I would take anything 400W or higher, semi modular. They shipped 750W Gold, fully modular. Cooler Master now has all of my future business. Most impressed.


9 months ago

My issue is not without its own sub-issues, but coolermaster really took ownership and pulled it out the bag on this one

In summer 2015 I purchased a high end power supply from a very well known UK online retailer that specialises in computer parts. All went well, until one day 4 years and 9 months later (on a 5 year warranty) my PSU gave up the ghost and would no longer power on. At first I was not sure of the warranty period or when I had bought it, so I was unsure if it was covered. After a search for an invoice later and confirmation from coolermaster of the warranty period, I knew I was still covered.

I spoke to coolermaster directly over the phone and also by their support ticket feature on their website. Over the phone they told me that because the item was still in warranty I could RMA it, however, I would have to pay for the postage so they suggested I might be better off contacting the retailer. Since the item was 3kg in weight and I would have to return it to Europe I decided to get in touch with the retailer.

This is where my problems started, and this was no fault of coolermaster, the retailer used every excuse going to avoid having to deal with it, to their credit they did offer a full refund but given that a like-for-like replacement would cost more than double that, I decided to stick to my guns. They told me that the warranty was void because a small sticker containing the serial number had become detached from the product – they even accused me of tampering with it. I submitted a support ticket to coolermaster with the info and they told me not to worry, they told me after almost 5 years of use its not unusual for a product that transfer heat to have its sticker simply fall off and provided me with a reference number to give to the retailer, which obviously I did. I had also previously tried explaining to the retailer that its not outside of the realms of possibility for this to happen but they wouldn't budge.

Two months later, I after several ignored emails and failed callbacks with the retailer, I phoned and spoke to their customer service manager who told me that the item had been rejected but could not tell me the reason why. So, once again I contacted coolermaster via support ticket because as far as I was concerned there was nothing that could go wrong at this stage. And this is where coolermaster really went into their element.

As it turns out, they had mistakenly rejected the item when it was returned by the retailer and as soon as I made contact with them, within a day they had got back to me asking for my address to replace my PSU, naturally I obliged. Exactly 3 days later I received a brand new, even higher end PSU and now after 3 months my computer is back up and running as good as it ever was. 3 months from start to finish but as soon as coolermaster got wind of my issues it was resolved in just 3 days, 3 days to ship a PSU from Europe to the UK. Great work and they have gained a customer for life with me after this. I generally usually use at least something of theirs when building a new PC, which I tend to do twice every 2 years because I have 2 PC's, but now I am going to make sure that I always do even if it costs a little more than I had wanted as I have never really had any issues with coolermaster products before, but the moment I did they leapt into action and solved all my problems better than I had ever anticipated.

I do not usually bother leaving positive reviews, I feel that it is better to know what is bad than what is good in order to make an informed decision, but I also believe that when someone goes the extra mile that they should be commended for doing so which is why I have left this review today.


9 months ago

Let's say you spend $80 on an air cooler, or for that matter, $180 on a 360mm AIO water cooler from Cooler Master. Now, let's say that you lose a specialized mounting screw from the hardware kit.
Are you going to
A: Buy a new hardware kit?
B: Throw the whole thing away and buy a whole new cooler?

It's a trick question because it depends on where you live.
You see, in the EU, the government has put more force on corporations to make their products have less waste, be less predatory on consumers, and to have replacement parts available. All very reasonable regulatory actions in our modern day and age.
In the USA our government pretends to do this while doing shady backdoor deals with companies so as to not allow people to do things such as repair their own computers, or expect to find replacement parts.
And thus in Cooler Master's EU store you can find a hardware kit for a reasonable price.
No such thing exists in Cooler Master's US store.
Furthermore, when contacted, Cooler Master USA washed their hands of the whole thing, leaving me with a sick feeling in my stomach as I have been selling their products for 5 years and did not realize their customer service was literally non-existent over on this side of the pond. I've built over 30 premium gaming computers using Cooler Master cases and coolers, and at this point I don't think I am going to support their products ever again. Over a screw that probably costs less than a dollar to make. Reap what you sow.


1 year ago

Well, I can tell you this company is outright awful Chinese owned, and their RMA is the worst i have ever experienced. Long story short, I bought a Master Liquid ML240 RGB AIO, and it died 11 months after I bought it,barely used it. The warranty states its covered for 2 years or 17,000 hours of pump life. Well, I got approved for a replacement after like 2 months, way longer then it should have taken….

Their website, still broken! been broken for almost 7 months now. They had a "Announcement" page displayed and half the time there was no notice under the announcement, and then, when there was, it did not really help as the website in many aspects was broken, from emailing RMA team, conversational chats, to posting pictures and receipt files, to get approved for the RMA. I had even registered my product as soon as i bought it, but sense this stupid company is run by slow people, it was lost when the website went down, and must have been deleted!

Then, after dealing with liar's from both the RMA on the website, AND on Facebook, being told every lie in the book, never confirmed any information i gave them, etc. They end up mailing my replacement 4 months later!!! to the wrong address mind you! It took 4 damn months, to finally get a replacement, and they go and drag their feet as much as possible because they did not want to honor the replacement!

They have many many users on under reviews, talking about the same problem I had….pump failed a year in or less, or right away….and leaks. This was to like %70 of the people who bought this POS. So, because this company must be run by new people that could care less about the company they bought out, most customers are being ripped off, replacements not being shipped, or being shipped to wrong addresses, etc.

I gave them my new address 4 times!! both on FB and the website, i even took screenshots of all conversations, all dates and times, all possible pictures of product damage, etc just to cover my own butt, while these people kept screwing things up. So, at the end of the day, these morons mailed my replacement, cost me an extra $25 to mail back the dead one, just so they can mail it elsewhere, were it was then stolen the day it arrived because they never told me it would be FedEx, no signature! Told me via email it would be delivered on a Tuesday, a week later, NOPE…..arrived 2 days later, and i only got the email confirmation of this with tracking, 5 days after it already was delivered!!!

So if anybody has any common sense, do not deal with these greedy people. They told me the reason it took so long, was because the entire company was restructuring, and systems, entire systems, were being changed right on the holiday season no less. They then gave me another excuse, that they "Closed the Books", so that was more important then customers…had to make sure you guys got those record profits!! screw customers you lied to and ripped off though.

Yeah, I'm a bit ticked off still, and may use some name calling and bad words….but who wouldn't be angry after all that, being patient, and then being outright ripped off and lied to? and for what? Stay away from Chinese owned companies if you can, especially Cooler Master If you think they care about you or your warranties, think again! Another nail in the coffin for them from me, was when their same staff, went on to reply to my review, basically calling me a liar and that it was all my fault it got screwed up.

Not the fact the website was broken and down on and off for half a year, not the fact no communication was actually going on between the FB page.staff, and the RMA staff on the main website, and of course, its not because their product is junk…no no no….its MY FAULT….my fault it all got screwed up. They couldn't then, talk to the warehouse were the order was being replaced and shipped, to make sure it went to the new address no….BUT….they offered to cancel it for me no problem! So, how can you not talk to the same people to make sure new address is put in, but can easily cancel the shipment? Again, run by Chinese communist con artists, who will eventually, fully tank this company.

You, as a consumer, have been warned! STAY FAR AWAY! I wasted so much time and money on them, if they did it to a 1st time customer, they are doing it to almost everybody.


2 years ago

I bought from vendor on ebay not direct from company but run into issues when part was missing as vendor said it was customer return after purchase and I raised this. Vendor was less than helpful so went to cooler Master and explained what vendor had do cooler Master where so helpful they told me to look at manual find out what part was missing and sent me missing part priority post even apologies that I had bad experience buy there product which they did not need to do more than helpful company thanks for the assist.


2 years ago

Poor products, poor support and according to various other peoples experiences god awful RMA process. Lack of replacement parts/products and the only option from there is to obtain a refund via PayPal, if you don't use PayPal then you are done for. Instead of standing behind their products, they are more interested in throwing laws in your face to avoid having to deal with you. Where is the sense in spending 拢20 to send back a cooler that retails for 拢39.99. The cost of BOTH return and SENDING the parcel already outweighs the cost of the product itself, thats not including labor costs, processing costs, replacement costs. This company throw money and products at influences left right and center but when a legitimate paying customer has an issue, not interested. Just trust me, avoid, avoid, avoid.


3 years ago

Their customer service is a joke. If you need to RMA one of their products, I'd suggest you just eat the cost and buy a different brand. Sent in my PSU well over a month ago with 2 day shipping. Confirmed they received it through post office. They didn't say they received it until 2 weeks later. That was 4 weeks ago. Still haven't had the replacement sent out, which is under warranty. The warranty ends in August. I'm pretty sure they are just trying to stonewall me until then to claim the warranty is up. Look up their BBB score. They have an F rating. It's so easy to get disputes settled on their and have a good grade, so the fact that they are sitting at an F is a pretty clear indicator to run for the hills.


6 years ago

I always have good experience with this company


9 years ago

In 2009 I bought a Coolemaster Silent Pro PSU with 5 years warranty. In 2010 it started being noisy. It was replaced by the seller. In 2011 it started again being noisy, but the seller had went out of business. Instead I got a new PSU from
In Denmark the warranty period start over if you get a replacement, but Coolermaster refuses to give me a new warranty period even though it is the law in Denmark.
If Coolermaster trusted their own products to last, I can鈥檛 see any reason not to give an extension to the warranty period, but apparently they don't.

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