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5 months ago

Atrocious Customer Support. Tried getting a PSU for warranty for over 2 years. 2 years of not responding to my RMA, "awaiting approval". Having tickets cancelled automatically by the system, because it took them too long to answer and never being re-opened. Only to hear today that "the warranty sticker has been tampered with". Total BS. PSU stopped working months after purchase. It's been laying in the cabinet in the basement this whole time. Unbothered by anyone or anything. I have pictures, recent ones to prove they are lying. But to be honest I think they are counting on the fact that people value their time and sanity too much to chase them over a 100$ product. In most cases this is probably what happens. Learn from me and don't ever buy anything from them. If you need a PSU, go for Seasonic. I had it for years and it haven't failed me once.


6 months ago

Got a few things from CoolerMaster in the past. All have been pretty good, apart from the USB's at the front of the cases. Both quickly broke and I was far to lazy to replace them at the time. I spoke with a friend and he had the same issue, which is a shame because i can't really complain at the rest of the build quality of any of their stuff. Will carry on purchasing this and Cosair stuff though as I am very pleased with their quality.


9 months ago

Sent me 2 fans instead of the 2 pcs of fan mounting kits for Evo 212, have written them twice (now 3 times), no response.

Got response back, Coolermaster will send me the missing items and let me keep the fans. So upgrading the experience from 2 to 4.


11 months ago

Replaced failed cooling fan promptly no problems recommended Seller


4 years ago

I have never had a bad experience with coolermaster products, sometimes their pricier than rivals but their products ooze quality – durability etc.


9 years ago

In 2009 I bought a Coolemaster Silent Pro PSU with 5 years warranty. In 2010 it started being noisy. It was replaced by the seller. In 2011 it started again being noisy, but the seller had went out of business. Instead I got a new PSU from Coolermaster-europe in the Netherlands. In Denmark the warranty period start over if you get a replacement, but Coolermaster refuses to give me a new warranty period even though it is the law in Denmark.
If Coolermaster trusted their own products to last, I can鈥檛 see any reason not to give an extension to the warranty period, but apparently they don't.

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