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Website & Phone: Ocean Avenue 2907 11235 United States

9 months ago

Ordered a pair of silhouettes with lenses on Wednesday and by Thursday of the following week they arrived!
No problems just smooth and easy!!
Will purchase another pair.
You should too!!!!
Just make sure you are correct with everything because if you sign the order you own it. Bought a pair of clips for the glasses that I just bought and address was wrong and Eton told me I own it I asked for mgr, owner he said they would call and over a week and nothing. Good luck


1 year ago

Untrained or under-trained customer service staff. Basic communication a major challenge.


1 year ago

Same. 拢25 import tax and it takes ages to arrive.
They are pretending to be UK


1 year ago

Using a website with a and an 0800 contact number – to make you think they are a UK company, then shipping from the USA resulting in you being charged Tax and costs of approx 拢18 per 拢100 pound spent with them.

Goods cannot be returned without being charged a restocking fee. When you contact them on these points, they claim they have notices on there website or during checkout. In fairness there are small font disclaimers, positioned in a way to make them less obvious, on the website order confirmation pages. Purchasing through a mobile and Apple Pay there is a lack of warning or clarity that taxes may be due at import.

Dishonest in there approach and intentions and when taxes are added on for import to UK – more expensive than buying local.


1 year ago

Glasses took over 2 months to arrive
got a hit with a 拢50 customs charge
not based in uk just pretend to with the address
wont use again


1 year ago

Horrendous. Pretends to be based in the U.K. using a address and doesn't state clearly anywhere that they are based in the US. I already spent 拢100 on glasses that took a month to be delivered, now I'm charged another 拢25 customs and told I won't get the glasses unless paid? The prescription doesn't feel right and their customer service is terrible.


1 year ago

Company pretends to be based in UK. I needed to pay extra costs as sunglasses were shipped from USA. I tried emailing and claiming money back but no luck.


2 years ago

Deceptive and deliberately misleading masquerading as a UK company, sneaky Americans. When purchasing there is no mention that they're an American company using a British email .Co.Uk. you'll be hit with very costly import duties and admin charges. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.


2 years ago

They use a web address to imply UK
based or have UK arm. THEY DON'T.

This is significant as the goods are sent from the USA and we have additional customs duty applied which you will have to pay at the post office.

They should make this clear when you order.

The actual goods are superb and the lenses great but the sneaky business practice masquerading as UK bases and hiding obvious additional costs you will face (which they know full well about) is both dishonest and immoral.


2 years ago

Having ordered from this organisation, and microscopically investigated their website I find no mention that their products are eligible for import tax into the UK. (In my case 拢7.83 plus 拢8.00 admin charge)
Whilst I accept the UK ruling in respect of taxation in it鈥檚 various forms,
the department responsible for applying this particular 鈥渁dd on鈥?deemed it acceptable to levy an 拢8 charge for administration.
Cool Frames should at least mention this anomaly on their website as I would imagine the tax is calculated on estimated value.


2 years ago

Masquerades as a UK company but not. had to pay nearly 拢50 import duty. Avoid at all costs.

Also the prescription ordered was made incorrect so

Not cheap , not good workmanship.

So much for American customer service .

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