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1 week ago

I will scream to the rooftops about this one, the company is a total sham!! Claiming to be located and shipping from Arizona and they are in fact in China. You get an untrackable tracking number ie, FAKE, I took it to my post office ad he said it was a fake international number. I ordered Jan 11 and every email attempt was answered with ..your tracking number should update soon.
I'd had an injury and ordered two pairs of orthotic shoes based on the video shown on thier site. The shoes came yesterday 2/12, and they are laughable!! Not what was represented, they are glued together, smell horrid and the tongue was stitched on with one little stitch, nothing orthotic, these were something you would find at 5 below or dollar tree.
Deceitful and shameful. And the AZ address??? Its an empty lot.


2 weeks ago

This cool gear HQ is the biggest scam. Don't buy anything from there ordered 2 pair of boots wrong size for both pair sent 1 back at my cost. They didnt give me the right address. Buyers. Biggest rip off.


4 weeks ago

Beware of this company. Total lies! Decieving! Claim to be based in Arizona but are in China. You start to ask questions regarding your order and they stop answering. I demanded a refund, was given a tracking number on Jan 13th that has never shown movement of any kind. They are NOT in Arizona, they are in China. They deserve zero stars.


1 month ago

Took months to get a refund after they sent me two left shoes of different sizes and wanted me to pay to ship them back. Also took two months to receive the orderin the first place. I was really looking forward to the product. Very disappointed in my experience


1 month ago

This company is a sham. They hide the fact that they are in China by posing that they are in Arizona, when I emailed them that my tracking number never showed movement two weeks after ordering they said it is my post office's fault?? I took the number to my post office and found out it is international.
I enail them again and "jennifer" responded that the tracking number should update anytime. In 15 days it never did.
It should be known to shoppers in the US that this company is deceiving shoppers by using a fake United States location! So the 6-8 delivery time??? Yep thats a lie too. the customer service is garbage and you get the same answer when you email " the tracking should update soon" very bad!!


1 month ago

I ordered a pair of shoes in November and still haven't received them. I was told several times by email that they had sent to usps which is a joke also…because they never received the package. Total run around and SCAM. NO EXCUSE!


7 months ago

I ordered a pair of gloves not once, but twice. Didn't receive them the first time and couldn't get an answer. Cancelled it after probably a month and a half or longer, ordered again, was told via email that my order would arrive in 1-3 weeks. Well over a month later, I emailed inquiring as to the status of the order. My reply was that they cancelled the order on My request. I will NEVER order from this company again. I'm fully aware of the covid situation etc and its limitation on businesses in the past few months. This is just inconsiderate, unprofessional customer service. Period. If I could give less than 1 star, I would.
Horribly disappointed and now starting over to find my unreceived item for work,
Mrs SA


8 months ago

Company sells products they don't have but take your money anyway. Then give you the runaround on refunding your money. Put it on my charge card 2/17. Then I finally cancelled the order on 4/17 when they said they refunded my money to my charge card. Didn't show up. That's when they said it takes a while. After that, they said check with my bank which had nothing to do with the transaction. Now, 6/9 they claimed they refunded it and should be showing up any time. This company is a big scam. Check the BBB same stories.


10 months ago

This is a scam website! You won鈥檛 receive the items you purchase, you won鈥檛 even get a tracking number. My fianc茅 bought me some gifts and after a few weeks he told me about them and I looked up the company and it鈥檚 a scam. Idk how this company is still running. On the bank statement the company that took our money is Hustle Incorporated. Be careful and do your research before buying things off websites.

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