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5 years ago

One email that claimed an easy way to make a lot of money online and free of cost attracted me. First, I wondered how the sender could get my email ID. Second, to be honest, I fell for the lure of easy money online without incurring any expenditure.

On opening the email I found myself watching a long video in which the presenter and several clients (obviously actors) explained how easy it was to make a lot of money using the software perfected by them. The presenter added he was giving it away free of cost and wanted only $77 for 24×7 technical support. He also added that he would fly any unsuccessful clients to Seattle at his expense to fix things to ensure they earned money as he had mentioned earlier. The video was all hype and promised the moon and a fortune to be made on the Internet with little or no knowledge of the computer.
I admit I was gullible, but I wanted to check it out as it involved paying only $79 for 24×7 technical support.
I therefore clicked on the video and found myself staring at a simple registration form that had sparse details except for my name, billing address and details of my credit card.

Since the video clearly stated the software is free and an amount of &79 was for technical support I was ready to take a chance. I also noticed there was no column or space to tick showing my acceptance of their terms and conditions.

When I furnished the details of my credit card, I was shocked to see I was charged $179.45 against $79 for technical support.

After three days I was provided a domain name and instructions how to paste advertisements in the blog. I complained online and by telephone about the excess money charged and demanded refund of the excess money. They informed me the company policy did not permit any refunds and I would not be charged for renewal after a year.

The instructions provided also were sketchy and did not work out as they said.

My repeated requests for refund of the excess yielded no results, not even a reply.

The site indulging in this scam is

I need help to recover the excess money they charged i.e. $100.


5 years ago

Ok thought i would give a bit of a review to my review about COOLHANDLE!… And nothing till this day guess we are SOL for a lack of better words there's has been several attempts made to contact coolhandle iin every Dept we keep being told that we have to send an email "Open a ticket" which we have put tons of them in i tried to go on the site and do what i could knowing i had 1yr to do this and I went to go on the other day and it says Miley's Money Method no longer contact your website provider grrrrr that's cool handle… So now im really losing it i call there and it rang when the lady picked up which in my opinion its been same women everytime she hung up and i then called back and there has been a busy sound on my phone ever since we have put in tickets again all we get is they cant make out bound calls which is such BS if i have ever heard it so i guess as the saying goes trust no one over internet oops but then i did it again more on that one later lol….

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