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6 months ago

I bought 3 of the coolify boxes over 2 months ago
and they never came
and they don't respond to emails or the phone
and to make it worse they have taken down there Facebook and google information

sounds like a big case of the froud

I talked to the visa people at my bank

they said for me to go to the police show them that the money was taken out of my account show the police my identity and that they will give me a contest form I fill it out take it to the banker man and he will send it to the Visa card company
and that they will take it out of the bank of codify or who ever they are that took it and put it back in my bank
they will have no choice and the police will look in to the coolify froud
and at the end of the day shame on coolify for not living in an honest world
go to work like all of us and stop fraud scam
you will find that life is awesome with your head up in the air

there is another company called coolifyair
check them out on line or YouTube
what people on you tub say about all of them is that they are a piece of junk and non of them work like they say
look at the videos on YouTube

its to bad I have a little guest house in Tahiti on the island of Moorea marksplacemoorea I was hoping to by 10 or 20 for my homes and bungalows

to bad why do people have to scam

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