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8 months ago

Ordered four plants on Wednesday, they arrived the following Tuesday. They kept me updated via email and the plants arrived in great condition. Very happy with the products and service


5 years ago

I went into Coolings garden centre today to exchange an item I bought there before Christmas as a present. It was a posh lunch box which housed a 'spork'. I only noticed after it had been opened by the recipient that the prongs on the spork were broken.
Initially I thought it would be a breeze to go back and swap it for one that wasn't broken. After all I will have kept the receipt (I keep all receipts for gifts and products).

When I discovered that the receipt was no where to be found I returned to the store with a credit card statement showing the substantial sum I had spent in store but of course unable to identify the faulty product in question.

Now I knew that this was an honest purchase and an honest fault (if I had broken it myself I wouldn't have the nerve to try and swap it) and I am usually quite able and ready to stand up for my consumer rights but on tis occasion I could feel myself bottling it on the drive there.

I could just picture the conversation…
me: "Id like to swap this over please for one that isn't broken"
them: " we need a proof of purchase, the credit card statement doesn't prove purchase"
me: but I spent 拢194 with you so surely you can swap it for one that isn't broken?"
them: its not our store policy, blah, speak with the duty manager, blah, till receipt, blah, may have broken it yourself blah blah blah
me " right then – just wait until you read my review on trustpilot!!"

So I turned up at the cash desk and the sales assistant (yes, not even the duty manager or CEO), OK, No problem"!!!!??????

When I thanked him and admitted I was expecting things to turn heated he simply said we have a 'no quibble' policy. Now that's the kind of store policy I love.

Well done that man at the cash desk and well done Coolings. In a world of mediocre customer service you appear to be a rare guiding light.

Happy New Year

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