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6 years ago

Cool cooling stuff hahaha


6 years ago

So exactly 7 days from now I ordered a relatively small order. Wednesday the 23rd of July I wrote Coolingstuff via their contact formula and via manual mail, asking when they could deliver my order. I still have not received any response from them, although I have received the Klarna receipt for the order…

Everything was in stock when I ordered it, but since I ordered I haven't heard a word from the company.

Here is what I ordered:
1x EK-Supremacy Clean CSQ – Full Copper
3x Phobya Y-adapter 4Pin Molex to 4x 3Pin

I'm still eagerly awaiting response in this regard, and some clarification on why I haven't been shipped my parts as they were in stock when I ordered…


6 years ago

Nice prices, and VERY fast service and delivery!


7 years ago

I was searching very hard for a waterblock for my MSI 7970 Lightning.
Almost impossible to find and completely sold out everywhere.

EKWB pointed me in the direction of their resellers and after a lot of searching i found one block @

Asked by mail if it was possible to send the block outside of Sweden and got a very quick response that this was indeed possible. I also got an instant quote on shipping costs and how to order it. Artur even reserved the block for me to order it at home because i was driving at the moment.

Quick ordering method and it got shipped almost the same day. 3 days later i received the package in perfect order!

Many thanks again for your good service!


8 years ago

Very happy with the personal service. Some of the best products available in stock and other that are not available are usually ordered very quickly.

Can't fault it really.

Also postage and packaging is very good with prompt delivery (next day)


8 years ago

Well, i orderd my little package, the shipping was VERY VERY fast! With is a BIG +, the parts where 100 % whole! Not even a scratch!! The things worked perfectly!

Conclusion: I will order more!


8 years ago

I ordered a set of screws I needed to mount my new radiator in my case in the middle of the night and received my order 36 hours later, completely hassle-free. I will definitely order again if I ever decide to upgrade from my pre-filled cooler to some real water cooling.


9 years ago

top of the line !


9 years ago


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