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5 years ago

There are multiple references to forum spamming with this domain.


5 years ago

I trust this website, It is Coolmuster offcial website. The order platform is Mycommerce who Coolmuster is keeping cooperation with .

This website does not send out spam messages, or you will not receive any spam advertising from here.

As well as Coolmuster products are safe to use. No virus, no spam or any ads.


5 years ago

I like this website, because some apps on it really helped me, and very easy to use.


5 years ago

I鈥檝e used Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android recovered my lost Samsung messages, I鈥檒l recommend it to my friends.


5 years ago

One a great website .There are many safe high quality software. Such as android assistant,data recovery ,data eraser鈥?br />
I know that this site is my friend recommended .I've lost my samsung s3 data at that time, also have no backup.I began to use the trial version, really restored some of the data.
In fact ,I feel coolmuster is a good reference site to help backup and restore data.


5 years ago

Coolmuster is a good website providing detailed and step by step instructions to do something.In particular, android data recovery, and android data backup tool especially good.
There are a lot of favourable activity every year. On Christmas day, Thanksgiving, have great sales promotion.
Hope this web site is doing better.


5 years ago

No Malware Detected By Free Online Website Scan On This Website.

Submission date: Sun May 17 07:32:20 2015
Server IP address:
Country: United States

Safety Reputation 0/30
Domain 1st Registered 2013-04-17 (2 years ago)
Server Location Flag (US) United States



6 years ago

Forum spammer. Don't reward this behavior.

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