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7 months ago

During my time in Okinawa in December 2019. I wanted to visit some very rural places that were almost impossible to reach without a car as there were no public transport that would go there. I decided to go ahead and book with Cool Okinawa. I was quoted JPY 23,000 for 7 hours, which was pretty decent considering I've used other private taxi tour services that would quote me a lot more than that for 7 hours! The day before, I received a whatsapp message from Cool Okinawa telling me to confirm my flight number, once I confirmed they replied to re-confirm the details and assured me they have passed my details to the driver who will be waiting. On the day, I flew from Ishigaki to Naha airport. I met one of the best drivers in the world!! Katsuyuki was waiting for me at the arrivals with my name held on a board. The entire day was filled with so much fun, he was very chatty and had a big personality which made me feel at ease considering it was a tour for 1. He had so much knowledge about Okinawa and the culture. With some of the places I opted to visit he told me that he hasn't been before so he was heavily relying on his gps. His company called at one point asking if he made it? He said he's trying his best! and he was!! A few points during the trip he had to go and ask people for directions because it was difficult to find even with gps. When we were trying to find the cliff at Kafu Banta, his car got so muddy because we had to go through a lot of dirt roads. And I felt so bad but he said it doesn't matter and told me not to worry, our shoes were all dirty too from the mud. The weather became very windy, cold and rainy. But he tried very hard to keep going, he was very enthusiastic and upbeat and made sure I was having a good time. He also helped me throughout the day to take some good photos on my camera. I have to say Katsuyuki is the best driver / tour guide / photographer I have ever had and if I return back to Okinawa for another holiday in the future I'll try to request him again!! I had such amazing memories and fun thanks to him and Cool Okinawa for the great service!!

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