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Website & Phone: 525 Broadway, Suite 200 New York 10012 United States

1 month ago

i like this very much as well


8 months ago

Excellent place to find brand clothes! Love it!


1 year ago

Was a bit worried as I haven't heard of before but I really needed one jacket for my business trip.
Everything arrived on time, the quality is excellent and overall I am really happy with my purchase. The biggest selection of clothes I have seen so far, lots' of strange looks that I adore. Will be back 🙂


1 year ago

I always overlooked websites like Cools because I went straight to the brand stores. But after I decided to try it out, my GOD! They gathered every single brand I like there. All the information I need is there. Deals are great. Still waiting for a few deliveries, but overall I had a blast.


1 year ago

Loved my black Friday experience with cools. So many good deals and I received almost all of my purchases already. They gathered many decent brands in one place. Solid 5 out of 5. Hope my remaining shipments will get here soon)


2 years ago

I don't need to surf dozens of sites anymore! did all hard work for me! Very simple to use, a lot of goods! Thanks for this!


4 years ago

The site looks legitimate, but I get spam emails from them all the time even though I had never even heard of them before.


6 years ago

Although they had many interesting gifts and were promoted by the NYT, is completely incompetent when it comes to customer service. I ordered Christmas gifts for relatives in the first week of December, and today (12/21) just found out (all through my own phone calls and efforts) that these items will not be shipped until 'sometime after the first of the year'. They still cannot give me a firm date.
Stay away…

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