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4 years ago

I take surveys from real companies somes they ask if you want stuff free, like the wesite Pinchme. Well you fill out their survey. Then they ask if you would like free stuff. Well if it is from coolsavings, your out of luck. You NEVER GET PAST 15%. And can ot get anywhere. Also most of them you need to read carefully. Like free gift cards, from Walmart, Applebees and so on. Only if you do the 3 things silver,gold and plantunum and it costs you more than the gift certificste. I love you won a 100.00 giftcard from Walmart. 50.00 hift certificate from applebees and so one. My next question is has anyone out here on this site, know of a website where everything is for real and you can get freebies for FREE. THANK YOU Valerie J Brillhart

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