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7 months ago

I have had 60 payouts over the 18 months that I've been working with Copytrack. I'm very happy with their service and would recommend them to other bloggers who have problems with people taking their images.


9 months ago

I decided to test them and uploaded a test batch of 1000 photos. I was asked to raise the limit so I contacted support.I found it real weird the way how the support guy was social engineering every bit of info from me, ex. he asked real invoices, real clients, from my company pretending that he needs them to establish the value of the claims. I explained him about "client privacy", and what this have to do with other claims where people do not pay the licensing . He took the approach of take it or leave it, arguing with me that if a judge will ask me to sent the invoices I will send it. Well Copytrack are not a "judge" and they do not have a court order either.
Next thing in 5 minutes my account disabled, because I refuse to send private info on my costumers to an IT startup ?
The way they handle it allegedly looks like a bunch of youngsters, sending demand letters emails, with a flare.

Just personal opinion, allegedly that global network of lawyers watching your copyright is at best an exaggeration, might be then and there few lawyers and debt collectors on a retainer, once again is just my personal opinion based on the way how a guy from support will disable your account if you refuse to disclose private information about your clients, what at the end of the day, you can get sued for.


1 year ago

Cooperating with Copytrack GmbH is the biggest waste of time and money. Don't do it.

The network they pretend to have doesn't exist. They don't even have partners in their neighbour countries. The only thing they (a group of students with zero professional background in law) do is sending emails. If the opponent doesn't reply (which happens in 90% of the cases), they just close the case. There is no strategy, no juridical follow-up and no real partnership between them and you as their client. They even accept deals with the opponent without previously getting in touch with you. That way you can lose a lot of money.

There is zero internal communication and zero internal organization in their offices. A lot of information is lost or needs to be communicated twice. You will never get an update on their work as everything they do is like a huge black box. I suppose: an empty black blox.

Furthermore, it looks like they already do have a cash flow problem. It happened a couple of times to me that I had to wait weeks for my share. So I guess they're already down for the count which is actually a good thing.

Check the background of their CEO. There've even been criminal charges being pressed against him in connection with an ICO for Copytrack.

Thanks for the experience, but never again!


1 year ago

Copytrack will just sent a threat email , and if the infringer do not reply to their email, the case is close. Its a scam service.


1 year ago

The only thing copytrack does is send an email with a payment proposal to the infringer. If the infringer pays, then you are lucky and you get a share of the amount.
If the infringer refuses to reply to the first mail, they send a second, less friendly threat mail. If you do not answer again, the case will simply be closed and you will not get paid.
All their promises and follow-up of your claims on the website are air. Does not mean anything. I think they have never started a lawsuit or sent a bailiff.


2 years ago

We are a small software publisher. We have signed up for Copytrack and it identified hundreds of infringers fairly quickly. But after that Copytrack failed to collect any damages or take down anything on our behalf.

Among the main reasons are, according to Copytrack, the 'infringer's data protection' and 'inability to locate the infringer's contacts'.

Surprise! The criminals just forgot to publish their full names and street addresses when sharing the pirated software online. And without that valuable data Copytrack was not able to proceed.

I'd say at this stage Copytrack was pretty useless for us and made no practical difference at all.

Is COPYTRACK legit or scam? Can I trust COPYTRACK?

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