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9 months ago

F u Corona I hate it mama


9 months ago

I like Corona beer. I was very sorry to hear that it sales went down because of the coronavirus. And it wasn't even about self-isolation. It's just that some people associate Corona beer with Coronavirus. It's no joke, but when I found out about it, I laughed (maybe the laugh was hysterical). I like beer and I really wanted to support it, so it became my "quarantine drink" that's a bit ironic) No matter what happens to the brand, the beer is always of high quality and soft taste.


10 months ago

Stay home stay safe


11 months ago

One of my favorites beers. Love their production model when all of production are still made in Mexico and the it鈥檚 distributed worldwide.


11 months ago

You are set for life now. People will always be buying corona now.

All the best in the future. I must get some shares.


1 year ago

I first found out about the Corona beer in the TV series 鈥淭wo and a Half Men". Charlie Sheen drank it as often and many as if it was lemonade, so I also wanted to try it. I wasn't disappointed, but rather pleasantly surprised. The beer has a mild flavor with hint notes. And although Corona beer didn't become my favorite beer, it must be paid respect to the company, as their beer survived the great wave of popularity.


9 years ago

And even though so much popular for me it doesn't have any taste at all or should I say not any noticeable at least. I got to give it credit for marketing at refreshing note.

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