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1 year ago

A woman named Heather called me multiple times in the beginning of the year. She claimed that she was through a company that helps resort owners like myself make money by renting out our extra weeks. they charge $299.00 to rent each week up to six weeks max. Which me and my husband paid for 6 weeks totaling $1,794. In return the people the rent the weeks to would be charged $1,529 per week which they will send us in a check. When they receive offers they will email them to me and I call and see if those weeks are available and then if there are they will rent them to thte owner and they will mail my check off. Ok, so on the date of 6/10/19 I received an email and I called RCI my legit company and the lady said they have been having multiple calls come through asking for the same exact dates and place; and am I calling for another company? In response I said "yes". This is when she told me about this scam and that I should report them and hopefully I can get my money back. This company had fed me lies and need to be stopped before they continue to get other people. Corprate event solution Inc is fraud. 800-554-2017 is their number

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