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2 years ago

Volvo car have a strong following for durability and looks, pretty classic. Having been attracted to them I finally owned a S60, it had an extended warranty of 10 yrs or 120K miles. I had checked several time to see if the transmission needed service, I was told no unless there was a leak. No leaks
The vehicle is a 2004, and this year finally hit over the 100k at 105K the transmission service light went on. Took it to the dealership, and they said they do not service it is a replacement part alone is 4000. I took it to another transmission shop, they said it was recommended to rebuild and reprogram about 3500. Okay so I a 65+ and disabled, that is a chunk of change. So it was recommended to send a note to Volvo headquarters, to see if there was any assistance they could provide or tell me why it failed with such low miles. Polite note back they sent it to the local dealership for review, they would be the ones making the call. Really !! what incentive does a dealership have to offer any assistance. I was looking for Volvo to back their car, since it was not abused. Even to share the expense, would have been better than laying on a local dealership. So not so crazy about the Car now, expensive to operate and upkeep. Mine must be the only one that has failed at this level of mileage 🙁

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