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2 months ago

I ordered a gift from them to be delivered to a client in New York I tried to pay on 2 card which didn't go through, so they said they would send a purchase order via pay pal, we ended up with 2 pending payments on the cards, and they took the payment from pay pal send the item (after a week of chasing up) and the item was sent out and sent back to the depot because there was no signee(I understand this wasn't there fault) after a lot of back and forth and three hours of my time between chatrooms, phone calls and emails they said they would send it to a new address I gave them, now they are saying that there is no payment attached to the order number I've sent a screenshot of confirmation of payment and seem to be getting ghosted on email and no confirmation that the item has be resent,ive trying to get this sorted for 3 weeks now and just keep getting passed around. i never leave bad reviews usually but im at my wits end with this

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