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6 years ago

Fraud in a Selling Timeshare in Mexico

I'd received a call from the Agent Tonya Gonzalez askme to sale mi timeshare in Acapulco, Mex. He said me that i have to pay the cost of transaction and in the end of this I recivied all the payments. I paid them taxes, title fee, comission for closing. Two days prior to the payment of the sale, Jacob Williams and Jhon Souza called me to told me that I麓ve been fined for Us Gov, and have to pay $14 000 if I want to travel to the US or in the border I wil be arrested. Later they send two lleters from Deparment of Treasure in which I麓ve been acussed for Money Laudering. I did not send more moenyt for them and today I haven麓t any news from my money. I have been scammed out the amount of us $34 182.40 dollars


6 years ago

Serious Fraud – Stay Away!!

My retired mother was seriously taken advantage of in the 300K++. She serious believed Corporate Service would purchase/sell her time share at a profit in the meantime they have only taken 10 of thousand of dollars for taxes, fees, legal counsel…. you name it, it's on their billing list. Now they threaten if she backs out that she loses all her money and the Mexican Gov is looking at her for trying to laundry money by transfer her hard earned money to their Mexican bank accounts. They want more money from her or they say the government will arrest her when she goes to Mexico next. OUTRAGEOUS! Stop don't do anything with them. This is a den of thieves. My mother money is gone but they still continue to try and extort money from her today. She wont let me change her phone number because she believes they will give her back her money. They are relentless calling her 5 times a day. Once they know they have a sucker on the line they will bleed you dry. You will only lose.


7 years ago

time share sale scam

I received a call asking if I wanted to sell my time share in Mex. I was told I had to front money for commission, then taxes. every time I made a payment to mex. I received a letter telling me I couldn't be paid until I paid more money for taxes because the mex. gov. froze funds. until I paid more money. I told them I would send no more money and I want my money back. a Joe Dallas has been calling, harassing me and threatening lawsuit if I don't pay another $11,575.00 by mon. at this point I am out $22,224.00 and I want my money back.


7 years ago

scammed me on my timeshare rental.

I was scammed to believe that this company was a broker company that rents out timeshares. I looked for this company through the BBB and I found them in there so I trusted the company. We filled out a contract and I wired money to a bank in Mexico. $6500 for the maintenance fees, then I wired money for the broker fees $2960. After these wires were made the rental money was supposed to be deposited into my account. When the money wasn't deposited I called and that's when they said that Mexico had frozen the money that was supposed to be deposited into my account, and that before I received it I would have to pay taxes on the money. They e-mailed me a letter from the Mexican Government stating this. That is when I started to suspect that this was not real and we called it off. Now we have contacted the company and are saying that we are not going to be reimbursed any of our money. I would like for this to be prosecuted and investigated. Because I know that they are doing this to hundreds of other people and it is just not fair. They deserve to be caught.

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