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1 year ago

I originally heard about this company through an invoice that was sent to my mom's job. She showed it to me and it seemed interesting and a great deal at the time. I was still suspicious so I went to there website and looked around at the deals. I called the number listed on the invoice. The representative was friendly and gave me what I thought were all the details I needed to know. Everything seemed legit at this time so I paid $407 for trip protection(deal credible for 2 years, no blackout dates, and guaranteed trip security). About 7 months passed before I was ready to book a vacation, which was for my HONEYMOON. My husband and I decided on Ocho Rios, Jamaica for our destination. I called to make the reservations and I was on hold for 30 minutes. I had sent a few emails prior to booking and can the same number again to make sure everything still matched. My emails were answered very slowly, but they were answered. At this point customer service was not as great as previous times. At this call I booked the reservation and flights and gratuities/booking fees. At this point I thought everything was a done deal and that the reservations we're actually reserved with the resort and airline. I had all my receipts sent to my email. I was told that I would receive my plane tickets and a courtesy call from the resort to discuss details about my trip a month before it was set. The time finally came to receive the plane tickets and call but.. NOTHING. I waited a few more days just in case it was delayed.. still nothing. I emailed and got the run-around about when I should receive everything and but no direct answers. I called several times and was constantly put on hold. I called at least 3 or 4 times out of the week and sent emails. Everytime I was put on hold for at least an hour, the longest time being 2.5 hours. On these calls, the customer representative was very impatient and rude, never answering my questions directly. At this point, two weeks had passed and I still had received no tickets or a phone call. I finally took it upon myself to call the resort directly. I did this and came to find out that there was NO reservation booked at all in my name! I immediately called the travel company back with this information. An hour after waiting on hold, the representative came on. I told him the resort had no reservation booked for me. He finally did his job and checked just to realize they never reserved to vacation in the first place. He proceeded to tell me that "it was not my fault, but that it's not our fault (the company's) either". I was beyond heated! He went on to talk about their terms and conditions and how there was never a guarantee that I would get my vacation. He also stated that I was told this upfront but it was NEVER told to me or else I wouldn't have gave them my money!! No resolution came to me getting my money back. I tried speaking with a manager over the phone, but it sounded like the same guy I talked to all the other times. I tried emailing someone in corporate, but they only sent me a copy of terms and conditions stating everything they told me in that last phone call when the bomb was dropped on me. And it appeared as if the terms were sent from a different website instead of the original I had known. Three months later and I still have received no money back. I lost $1,480. Since this happened, I have found out the company goes by multiple names with multiple website domains. My intentions were to pursue a lawsuit, but with college, work, and being a newly wed I haven't had time to dedicate to it and I feel like nothing would come of it because of all of the information they threw in my face about terms and conditions. I at least wanted to write a review to help someone else and expose them. DO NOT trust this company!!

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