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7 years ago

Bahamas cruise Scam alert

I was looking into a cruise for my family and saw an offer for a 2 day cruise to the bahamas. It had you pay through paypal and then it said you could book your Cruise! I read the companies "guarantee" and thought it sounded fair…. and is the ONLY reason I did this is because it stated the following: THE MOST FAIR & EVERLASTING REFUND POLICY EVER! "FULL REFUND FOREVER" NO SERVICE = NO PROBLEM GUARANTEE! Maybe you saw one of our amazing deals and couldn't stop yourself from the roller coaster high of snagging a great deal! And a few days later you remembered that your boss would never give you time off for a trip. Or you favorite babysitter moved, and the whole reason you wanted to go was to get away from the kids. Whatever the reason – we have an iron clad "No Service = No Problem!" policy. Once you buy, we email you a reservation form within 24 hours. If you don't fill out your form, you'll get a FULL REFUND. This policy remains for like, ever. So if we email your reservation form, and you don't use it for 5 days, or 5 years, and then ask us for a refund, you're gonna get it! This policy is in effect for guests who: A: Have not filled out their reservation form. B: Did not have a search done.

***I did NOT fill out the form or have a search done. I HAVE SENT EMAILS TO SELLER THE SAME DAY WHEN I read more reviews about this cruise and that it is a big SCAM. I requested a FULL REFUND OF $396 shortly after when I received notice of the transaction thru paypal…. I tried calling the company with the number provided on their website 1-844-992-7847 IMMEDIATELY and then realized that there really is NO PHONE! It is just a message that tells you that you can only EMAIL them!!! I finally just received an email back from the seller stating that they WILL NOT REFUNDED MY MONEY at all and used threatening scare tactics in their email that I do not try and dispute it with paypal or with my credit card company!!! I did a dispute thru paypal and they deny the claim because they say the item is not "TANGIBLE". So they are able to get away with this scam!
I then received a phone call from a lady saying there were different dates available for the "Cruise" and that my husband and I could be in a room together and my two young children would need to be in another room on a SEPARATE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!! I said ABSOLUTELY NOT… so then I was told I would need to pay an additional $305 to upgrade the room so we could all be together!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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