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7 years ago

Our business booked a cruise on Bahamas Celebration for about 25 of us, and got a superb price. No complaints here! Cruise was fantastic,everything went as planned, super cheap. Can't ask for much more.


9 years ago

I used a Hawaii trip last year & it was fun. Cheap, I mean, we didn't stay at the Ritz, but it was a nice hotel. I went back to the site this year & learned about a reseller program they now offer. I'm stoked, because last year everyone at my job wanted to know how I got to go to Hawaii so cheap, but I didn't want to say. Now I can sell them a package myself, haha!


10 years ago

I bought from this site, it was pretty good. Only fours stars because first shipment arrived damaged and they were slow getting the replacement shipment back as they needed the return first. It was a good site but they should do better at packaging. I'd still shop with them.


11 years ago

I love it. They always have freebies & giveaways if you just talk to them & ask. Very reasonable prices without the timeshare pitch hassles. Great find! 🙂


11 years ago

I love these guys – I saw an ad in a magazine at my dentist office for a free airfare voucher from this site & I called to ask about it because I didn't see it on the site anymore. I spoke to Tia & even though they don't officially offer that online anymore, she walked me through how to get it for free anyways, which saved me about another $200. She said if people call in before they buy & ask a rep to walk them through it they will often give them discount codes & whatnot to save even more $. Sweet! If you use the site, CALL them first & see what they can do!


11 years ago

Nice to see the responses from CTG. LOL

I contacted CTG to inform them that I was not satisfied with the PTS package they sent me. Their response was that they could not offer a refund because they had already paid PTS in advance on my behalf. What they would do is to exchange an 8 day package for a 5 day one with a different provider and issue me a CTG credit.

Now if you're paying attention here you should be able to spot the shell game. Too funny.

Search PTS scam and understand that is the package CTG is marketing.

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